Pinoy Unicorn: The Rise of the Philippine Conglomerate

The global Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated several technology trends that have led to a major upheaval in consumer behavior that has facilitated a rethinking of business models across Asia.

While many companies quickly revisited their expansion plans for the pandemic, the two upcoming Philippine conglomerates have formed a partnership to promote technology adoption to provide opportunities for Filipinos. ..

Jeths de Jesus Lacson, Chairman and CEO of Smoke Free Innotec, said: Co., Ltd. (SFIO). “Our reply has always been. This is the right time for most industries to be shaken and even most global brands to be adopted in new competition.”

“We don’t believe it [disruption caused by Covid-19] The arena cannot be equal, at least it will give us a chance, “L’accent said. SFIO is a New Zealand-based conglomerate company owned and managed by a group of Filipinos with a very detailed and defined roadmap.

Lacson mentioned SFIO’s planned IPO and partnership with listed company SAM Digital Technologies. The SFIO project is available through SAM’s project development program, including the opportunity for Filipinos around the world to become shareholders.

The conglomerate’s reverse merger with SFIO is in the final stages, including a pre-IPO company name change.

“SAM Digital provides a platform that provides opportunities not only for investors but also for SAM subscribers,” Lacson said. He added that SFIO has several projects, including the expansion of its major brand, Epiphany Café, and real estate development. Investors have the opportunity to become SFIO shareholders through IPOs and SAMs.

“I met Rommel Santos and fortunately saw an opportunity at SAM run by a Filipino. SAM subscribers have the opportunity to subscribe to SFIO projects and either cancel their subscription or 12 You can choose to convert it as a SFIO share after a month, and while waiting for the 12-month period, SAM will provide subscribers with a monthly redeemable 1% reward, “Lacson explains. did.

SAM is also a mobile platform available in several countries, including the Philippines, so Filipinos interested in SFIO opportunities can get the opportunity simply by enrolling in the SAM program.

Ultimately, the SFIO franchise will also be available through SAM. Besides Epiphany Cafe, SFIO also has other brands in New Zealand and Australia. These brands will be publicly available at the start of the SFIO IPO.

The company was founded in 2015 by five New Zealand-based Filipino engineers. They just want to enjoy coffee and expect local brands to build a foothold in the country. Since then, SFIO has expanded into food manufacturing, franchise business, coffee, real estate development, technology and software development. Listed on the US stock market.

SFIO is currently preparing for an initial public offering (IPO) and would like to share with you the first opportunity for this offering.

Both companies believe that absolute caution is required. This includes implementing your own due diligence on your project. It is essential to achieve the so-called trust and trust element in any project.

“We understand that it is worth considering every new opportunity, but most of the time we are due to the risks associated with investing in something we are not familiar with. I tend to feel uneasy, “Santos commented on the partnership.


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