Photoshop update allows you to select an object simply by hovering over it

Adobe has announced the latest Photoshop update At the Adobe Max 2021 event on desktops and iPads, as with the last few versions, the most interesting features utilize AI. The most important of these is the Hover Auto Masking Object Selection Tool, which allows you to select a scene object simply by hovering your mouse over it.

This feature is very simple, as Adobe’s Sensei AI launches to locate the edges of the object and automatically select them with a single click. Adobe promises that selections made using either hover or other object selection tools will be “more accurate and will retain details at the edges of the selection” to save users time. To.


The tool can detect most, if not all, objects in the scene, and Adobe said it is constantly improving the tool to include additional object categories. If the object is not found or is only partially found, you can drag the marquee into the area of ​​your choice. This is how the old tool works.

Along the same line, there is another new feature called “Mask All Objects”. It also features Sensei AI, which automatically selects and masks all objects in the scene by simply scanning the scene. You can then create masks or objects without the hassle of masking.

In Adobe's latest Photoshop, you can select an object simply by hovering over it.


Last year, Adobe Neural filter You can smooth your skin and make your photos look like Van Gogh’s paintings. In 2021, many of these filters were introduced in beta. In particular, Landscape Mixer, Color Transfer and Harmonization have been introduced. The Landscape Mixer can basically blend multiple landscapes to create a new scene, for example replacing a seaside coastal scene with desert elements.

However, the most useful sounds like Color Transfer. You can take colors, contrasts, and other elements from your favorite photo and apply them to another photo, or, as Adobe says, “make this image look like that.” It will remove much of the boringness and trying to fit the style of the photographer, or at least give you a starting point for the look you are aiming for.

In Adobe's latest Photoshop, you can select an object simply by hovering over it.


The last one, the Harmonization Neural Filter, makes it easy to combine two images. Overlays the foreground image against the background while automatically adjusting the hue and brightness of the foreground image. Adobe has also improved existing neural filters, adding more realistic blur to depth blur, as well as super zoom, style transfer, and colorization filters.

Other new updates improve gradient, color management, and HDR functionality. Finally, Adobe improves the interoperability between Photoshop and Illustrator, allowing you to copy vector shapes from Illustrator and paste them into Photoshop. “Keeps Photoshop editable attributes such as fill, stroke, blend mode, and opacity.” Also, if Photoshop doesn’t support the feature and you can’t maintain editability from Illustrator, “try to maintain visual fidelity.”

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