Photo of Corsair, AORUS, ASGARD gaming and overclocking DDR5 memory kit

Just a week after its launch, more DDR5 memory kits were shot by various manufacturers such as Corsair, AORUS and ASGARD.

Upcoming DDR5 memory kits and modules from Corsair, AORUS and ASGARD in the photo

Starting with Corsair, we can now see their stealth black better Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 Series Memory Module Looks great.Boxed photo found by Momomo Show me a 32GB kit (16GB x 2) featuring speeds up to 5200Mbps and timing of CL38-38-38-84 at 1.25V. There are also faster clock kits from Corsair, but you’ll have to wait for the official announcement before revealing their specifications.

Project Cielo: AORUS’s latest modular PC with an unusual design and integrated 5G connectivity

Corsair DDR5 Dominator Platinum RGB Memory Kit (Image Credit: Momomo_US):

.. The new memory kit features a matte black look on the heatsink and a dual-tone color palette that includes the AORUS branded top skin tine color. According to the details, the kit is offered with capacities up to 32 GB (16 GB x 2) and functional speeds of 5200 Mbps. The memory fully supports Intel XMP 3.0. Other details such as timing and pricing will be obscured until it is fully announced next week.

AORUS DDR5 Memory Kit (Image Credit: Videocardz):

Finally, there is the first announced AS GARD Standard DDR5 kit a few months ago And now, their AERIS RGB DDR5 series memory kit JD.. This kit has a capacity of up to 32 GB (16 GB x 2) and has standard CL40-40-40-77 timing. The kit is currently listed at a special promotional price of 1999 RMB (313 USD) until November 11th, after which it will be sold at the standard 2199 RMB price (345 USD). The memory module features a black and gold aesthetic with a large RGB diffuser running at the top.

Z690 AORUS Tachyon Motherboard and Intel Core i9-12900K running on DDR5-8000 memory detected

ASGARD DDR5 AERIS RGB Memory Kit (Image Credit: JD):

Below are all the DDR5 kits announced so far.

Intel’s Alder Lake desktop CPUs feature both DDR5 and DDR4 memory controllers, and 600 series motherboards also come with DDR5 / DDR4 specific options. High-end motherboards retain DDR5, but more mainstream products also open DDR4 support. Intel Alder Lake CPU lineup Scheduled to be released in November With each Z690 platform and DDR5 memory kit. Photo of Corsair, AORUS, ASGARD gaming and overclocking DDR5 memory kit

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