Personalized handlebar grips are custom made for each purchaser’s hand

Many cyclists use custom insoles for their shoes, but usually they use all grips on the handlebars in one size and shape. The University of Stuttgart Spin-off Personomic is out to change that with a custom-made grip for the hands of individual users.

Buyers start by laying flat on A4 or US letter paper as a size criterion and taking a picture of their smartphone in each hand. Then email those photos to the Personomic people. They use images to create a 3D computer model of each hand. These models are used in grip design, comfort, pressure distribution, and … well, grip..

Grips are manufactured by first 3D printing the mold and then filling the mold with silicone. Therefore, the actual grip itself is molded, not 3D printed. According to the company, silicone can be used to be soft, vibration-damping and non-slip, without the final stickiness of other types of rubber.

Buyers can choose from 7 silicone colors, 5 locking ring colors, and at least 10 textures.


As an additional bonus, the buyer can choose the color of the silicon and aluminum locking rings along with the texture pattern of the grip when ordering. The receiving grips have an inner diameter of 22.2 mm, a length of 13 cm (5.1 inches) each, and a weight of 170-220 grams per pair, depending on the size of the hand. They work with bar-end mirrors, Do not Compatible with grip shifters.

If you’re interested, the Personomic grip is the current target Kickstarter campaign.. Assuming they reach production, a pledge of € 59 (about $ 68) will get you a pair. The planned retail price is 99 euros ($ 115). More information can be found in the video below.

I’ve previously reviewed similar custom made For Me The grips are 3D printed directly from the relatively hard polyurethane, but the company doesn’t seem to be in business anymore.However, TMR Designs is still imprint The grip that the purchaser heats and presses is shaped into the shape of the inside of each hand.

Personomic — Durable custom made bike grip

source: Kickstarter, Personomic Personalized handlebar grips are custom made for each purchaser’s hand

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