Pensacola Beach fishing pier reopens on Saturday

Pensacola Beach, FloridaWKRG) — Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier will reopen on Saturday after the hurricane sari was closed due to structural damage in September.

Escambia County Public Works and Santa Rosa County Island authorities announced Thursday that the Casino Beach pier will be open to the public on Saturday at 6 am.

The pier is open daily from 6 am to 7:30 pm.

The 1,471-foot fishing pier has been severely damaged by the hurricane sari and has been closed since the county worked with FEMA.

The county was approved by FEMA in June to proceed with temporary repairs, and those repairs were completed.

“Thanks to the Escambia County Public Works, Parks and Recreation Officers for their quick work to expedite these temporary repairs after being approved by FEMA for progress,” said Chairman and CEO. District 4 County Commissioner Robert Bender said in a media release. “Since the Pensacola Bay Bridge has recently reopened, I’m ecstatic to have easy access to this amenity for people to enjoy at Pensacola Beach.”

For those who want to fish, the pier has a bait and tackle shop where beach goers can rent or buy gear. Pensacola Beach fishing pier reopens on Saturday

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