PDR Joins SMTAI Passport to Networking Program

Founded in 1985 and today a leading manufacturer of BGA rework and X-ray systems, PDR was a sponsor and participant of the SMTA Ambassador Program at the recent SMTA International Expo. PDR Sales His manager, Jack Harris, met with the young professional during the event.

The Passport to Networking Program helps bridge the generational gap by networking informally with students, young professionals, and industry newcomers. Students/employees were given passports, PDR stamped at the booth, and spent time with the company learning about PDR focused infrared and X-ray technology.

Dave White, President of PDR, said: To this end, SMTA provides an opportunity for mechanical technology providers such as PDR to encourage young talent by discussing products and technology with truly bright and enthusiastic young professionals, thus benefiting the industry as a whole. brought. These are the bright and promising young professionals participating in this programme, and it is truly a refreshing and rewarding experience for PDR to meet so many rising stars. Principals who participate in this wonderful program remind teachers of their hearts. We encourage all principals to consider participating in this program. ”

For more information on the PDR Rework System, please visit: www.pdr-rework.comFor more information on X-ray solutions, please visit: www.pdr-xray.com Alternatively, call PDR 530-676-6262 (US) or +44 (0)1293 614 000 (UK).

https://www.wnie.online/pdr-participates-in-smtai-passport-to-networking-program/ PDR Joins SMTAI Passport to Networking Program

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