PC sales have begun to slow after two years of pandemic growth.

After two years of double-digit growth, global shipments of personal computing devices fell 5% in the first quarter of 2022. Studies show Conducted by Analyst House IDC.

Even if global sales slowed earlier this year, vendors shipped 80.5 million laptop, desktop, notebook, and workstation devices in the first quarter of 2022, with global shipments for the seventh consecutive quarter. Has exceeded 80 million. This is the longest duration of global PC shipments of over 80 million units since 2012.

The top vendors in the market have remained unchanged since the fourth quarter of 2021, with Lenovo holding a 23% market share. At Mobile World Congress earlier this year Company announcement Host new ThinkPad, IdeaPad, and tablet devices. All of these are aimed at making remote and hybrid work more effective.

Both HP and Dell Technologies showed double-digit market growth this quarter, at 20% and 17%, respectively. Apple was ranked 4th by IDC trackers, and 5th was shared by ASUS and Acer.

The study is also partly Continuous supply chain shortage, Notebook PCs decreased year-on-year, but desktops increased slightly. Dell, AppleAnd ASUS were the only major vendors with year-on-year increases in shipments.

Ryan Reith, Group Vice President of IDC’s global mobile device tracker, commented on the results, saying “we shouldn’t focus on year-over-year declines in PC volume,” rather the capacity industry is still 80 million. To be able to ship more than one PC, “when logistics and supply chains are still in turmoil, there are many geopolitical and pandemic-related challenges.”

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