Pastor Dothan sentenced to 30 months in prison

Dothan, Alabama (WDHN) — the Dothan pastor and activist appeared in federal court on Thursday.

Kenneth Glasgow, a pastor and founder of the Ordinary People’s Association, was sentenced to 30 months in prison for drug conspiracy, social security and mail fraud charges, according to attorney Derek Yeoblow.

According to documents submitted by the Department of JusticeGlasgow was accused of stealing $407,450 from one of his tax-exempt organizations and sending false information to the Social Security Administration to obtain disability benefits.

Glasgow reported in 2019 that he worked 60 hours a week without income for the Society of Ordinary People (TOPS) and 50 hours a week for another charity, the Prodigal Children Project (PCP). He also alleges that he used the money to borrow monthly from the dealer, even though Glasgow said other people were driving. According to past reports.

Indicted for allegedly distributing cocaine in 2020 Indicted by an anonymous suspect and indicted by a grand jury. He pleaded not guilty in 2021, according to past WDHN reports. indictment claims Glasgow distributed drugs for a period of time, but did not disclose how long.

Glasgow changed his plea four times before finally pleading guilty to all charges.

https://www.wkrg.com/alabama-news/dothan-pastor-sentenced-to-30-months-in-prison/ Pastor Dothan sentenced to 30 months in prison

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