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Electronics Sourcing invited CamdenBoss MD Katy Davies to explain to readers about the company’s current activities and future plans.

Q) How was CamdenBoss over the last 12 months?

It was a roller coaster for everyone. Businesses faced many challenges, including maintaining people’s safety in the workplace, managing job retention schemes, disrupting supply chains, and constantly analyzing changes in customer demand.

Aside from the pandemic, we continued our original 100-day plan with a complete strategic review and organizational redesign to realize our ambitious strategy.

We are fortunate to be able to navigate the year without redundancy or Covid at work, while hiring a great team of talented leaders throughout the business. It’s the beginning of an exciting time for CamdenBoss.

Q) What market changes did you witness during this period?

There is strong impetus for the resupply of production to the UK and we have already returned most of our molding tools to the UK. This is just a tendency to see us growing.

As for the target market, it remains industry-agnostic with products that serve the sectors from medical to EV charging. This is a real strength as we have seen certain sectors thrive and others dormant. More broadly, the proliferation of IOT and IIOT products is always in awe of the amazing technology we offer for our customers.

Q) How do you think CamdenBoss will improve in the next few years?

New product highlights include Easy Assembly and HexBox enclosures. The company’s NPD pipeline is customer-focused, ensuring that buyers get the features they need.

Our delivery team offers a wealth of expertise in particularly lean methodologies and quality. This will enable CamdenBoss to improve the customer experience for buyers and provide superior service.

Q) How is the new CamdenBoss facility benefiting buyers?

The important enabler is more space, as the new facility is about four times the size of the existing footprint. This move allows you to optimize workflows and layouts to maximize efficiency while adding functionality to your five-year plan.

As a workplace, the new building strengthens our well-being strategy and provides access to beautiful outdoor spaces and lush views from the inside.

Q) Do you have any plans to reshore more products?

CamdenBoss began reissuing mold tools in 2018, and the current surge in UK manufacturing has validated its strategy. We are constantly reviewing our overseas tools and our strategy is to re-land wherever it makes sense.

Q) How is the lead time?

Supply chain lead times are difficult due to the combination of China’s freight capacity, raw material availability, and persistent border delays. We are as relaxed as possible with our key partners and have made some strategic purchasing decisions to get ahead. This will be easy. It’s a matter of permanence, always striving for the best results for our customers and making quick decisions to keep things moving.


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