Panasonic Industry Expands Series of Passive Pyroelectric Infrared (PaPIR) Motion Sensors

The latest product and application engineering is to wrap next-generation features in an elegant, unobtrusive design. This applies to all types of electronics, from a variety of smart homes and IoT applications to displays of all sizes and purposes.

In this regard, Panasonic Industry is the latest “flat square type”, offering an interesting evolution of the successful PaPIR motion sensor, a discreet flat and square 9.6mm x 9.6 that comfortably hides the look of a typical motion detector. Equipped with a mm lens.

It extends the PaPIR family of EKMCs (170µA) without batteries and EKMBs (1µA, 2µA, and 6µA) for battery-powered devices. The digital version can be mounted on a wall, ceiling, or corner, with a typical detection distance of 5m, preset switching thresholds, and temperature compensation.
Output “1” indicates motion and “0” indicates no detection.

The analog sensor can be used whenever the sensitivity needs to be adjusted.

With the overall sensor flat at 10.9mm and the amplifier circuit already integrated into the analog PaPIR, this latest member of the Panasonic Industry Motion Sensor family is the latest in design efficiency and compatibility with the traditional products on the market. It is clearly above.

Speaking of compatibility: Thanks to the uniform pinning of all EKM sensor variants, maximum flexibility in selection during the design-in process is guaranteed.


https://electronics-sourcing.com/2021/04/19/panasonic-industry-extends-its-series-of-passive-pyroelectric-infrared-papirs-motion-sensors/ Panasonic Industry Expands Series of Passive Pyroelectric Infrared (PaPIR) Motion Sensors

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