Palo Alto forms an integrated SASE package for hybrid enterprises

Palo Alto Networks SD-WAN It provides integrated cloud-based security technology. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Offering aimed at simplifying decentralized enterprises.

This package, called Prisma SASE, is a collection of the company’s core Prisma Access packages. Cloud-based next-generation security gateway Obtained when you purchased CloudGenix for $ 420 million last year with Prisma SD-WAN technology.

Prisma SASE provides customers with an integrated bundle that supports everything from secure access control, advanced threat protection, and user behavior monitoring to zero trust network access support, secure web gateways, cloud access security brokers, and firewalls. increase. Services (FWaaS), and SD-WAN technology.

Anand Oswal, senior vice president of products for firewalls as Palo Alto’s platform, said the idea was a single protection for all applications used by customer employees, whether remote, mobile, or office. To provide a cloud-based solution. network.

In addition to the core features of Prisma SASE, Palo Alto is adding a new Prisma SD-WAN appliance (ION 1200) to use. 5G A network for linking branch offices and connecting ATM kiosks for backup communication with the network. According to Oswar, 5G networks from any carrier are available, and if 5G is not available, you can fall back to 4G / LTE.

The device can use two SIM cards for an active-active 5G interface that provides carrier redundancy for business-critical use cases. “As a result of this new feature, there is growing interest in using 5G as the primary WAN connection,” said Oswal.

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