Pairing, a British app aimed at making couples’ relationships happier and healthier, bag £ 2.5 million

Based in London Pairing Is a relationship app that provides the steps a couple needs to improve their daily relationship.British startup has raised $ 3.6 million (about £ £With 2.5 million seed funds, the company has raised a total of $ 4.6 million so far. £ £3.2 million).

The round was led by Eka Ventures and was attended by existing investors such as Taavet Hinrikus (Wise), Harold Primat and Runtastic co-founder.

As part of the round, Camilla Dolan of Eka Ventures will join the board of directors with app founders Kevin Shanahan and Diego López.

How will the funds be used?

The funds will be used to accelerate the company’s global growth ambitions and expand its product development efforts to provide personalized recommendations based on the interests and needs of the user’s relationships.

Fun and evidence-based app

Founded by Kevin Shanahan and Diego López, Paired is a fun, evidence-based app that encourages daily conversations between partners. The app has over 5,000 subscribers and is gaining more viewers in the US, UK, Australia and Canada.

According to an independent app rating by The Open University and the University of Brighton, couples using Paired can improve their relationship quality by 36% in just three months.

Pairing is available worldwide and can be downloaded for free at. Apple App Store And Google Play store, You need a monthly or annual subscription to access all content and support.

“We are pleased with the support of investors in providing relationship care to more couples,” commented Paired co-founder Kevin Shanahan. “In my own experience, there are tools to treat relationship pains such as couple therapy and counseling, but there is a lack of tools to promote healthy relationship behavior and prevent problems in the first place. Developed Paired. We know that people rely on technology to find love – in 2020 One-third of adults in the United States I used a dating app or site. I think we’ll soon see a shift towards people who continue to fall in love with technology. “

Camilla Dolan of EkaVentures said: And the most important of these is often the relationship with your partner. Relationship health is a very important and truly global part of our lives, but there is currently no accessible and affordable way to support it. Paired has set out to change that. We love Kevin & Diego’s vision of bringing happiness and health to relationships and becoming a global category leader in relationship management. But what really excited us was the Paired user story and the level of change that Paired had already brought to early users. “

Wise co-founder and existing investor Taavet Hinrikus adds: “Kevin and the Paired team have a vision of improving relationships between hundreds of millions of couples. Building and strengthening relationships is something we all sometimes need help, but where many people help. I don’t know what to ask for. Since its launch in October, I’m confident that the rapid adoption of paid subscribers will make it a global digital platform for relationships. “ Pairing, a British app aimed at making couples’ relationships happier and healthier, bag £ 2.5 million

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