Owner withdrew from concrete plant project being built near Silver Hill

Silverhill, AlabamaWKRG) – Construction of a concrete plant has stopped at Silver Hill. The employer has decided to withdraw from the project before the factory officially opens.

Silverhill Mayor Jared Lyles said this would be resolved Some concerns..

“I don’t want to say I’m happy to see businesses leave the town and never come to the town, but there are concerns about industry and civil traffic just outside the boundaries of the town and safety. Sex, we’re not upset, “said Lyles.

Construction began along Highway 104 in May, just west of the Silver Hill town border. This is an unincorporated area that allows owners to bypass town ordinances.

“They didn’t have to apply to the town and get permission from us, so there was really nothing we could do to stop it,” Lyles said.

Residents were worried about dust, noisy equipment, and trucks coming in and out of the scene, Lyles said, and had been fighting for months to keep the concrete factory away from Silver Hill. Owners are still planning to make something more suitable for everyone here, but those plans have not been officially announced.

“They still have a desire to develop it as a commercial space. They’ve heard stories about the town and residents, so I think they’re looking for more retail-based development.” Said Lyles.

According to Lyles, the equipment will be removed from the facility within a few weeks. The owners then submit a new plan to the county and explain what their new vision for the site is. Owner withdrew from concrete plant project being built near Silver Hill

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