OU campus is on alert due to active shooters

update: 10:57 pm The University of Oklahoma Police Department canceled the “active shooter” alert and gave the situation all clear.

OU Police say the shooter or victims have not been found, despite previous reports from first responders.

KFOR is working to clear up any confusion regarding conflicting reports.

update 10:42 p.m. A spokesperson for the Oklahoma Highway Patrol told KFOR that the campus is safe.

There are still a lot of police on campus.

update: 10:32 pm The latest tweet from the University of Oklahoma asks students to continue to shelter in place. OU officials say they have found no evidence of a shooting so far but have not cleared the scene.

A police helicopter leaves the scene.

update: 10:24 pm Conflicting reports are coming out.

Officials at the University of Oklahoma reported no casualties and found no evidence. But first responders confirmed one was shot in the stomach.He was at the scene, and a KFOR producer also said one was shot.OklahomaHe spoke with members of his patrol on the highway. Did.

There are now reports that the incident may be a beating situation.

Swatting is when someone submits a fake report to law enforcement and the police have a massive presence at the scene.

update: 10:14 pm First responders tell KFOR that one person was shot, while other first responders say multiple shots were fired.

KFOR is working to confirm with OU stakeholders. They have not confirmed this and have found no evidence of a shooter or victim at this time.

Update: 9:53 PM onwards OUs Sent an alert informing you of an “active shooter”

OUs Campus Safety Twitter account, “OUPD investigating a possible shooting at the Norman Campus. Avoid the South Oval area. Please seek shelter.”

Image credit: KFOR, OU Campus

Norman, Oklahoma (KFOR) – OUs A warning was sent to everyone on campus stating that there was an “active shooter.”

according to Osaka University Campus The Safety Twitter account, OU-Norman Emergency, tweeted: Take action now. Run away, hide. fight! “.

Image credit: KFOR, OU Campus

Click here for Osaka University Campus Camera

https://www.wkrg.com/national/live-coverage-the-university-of-oklahoma-sends-alert-about-an-active-shooter/ OU campus is on alert due to active shooters

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