Oracle Application Partner for Rimini Street and Lotte Group

Rimini Street Inc, a global provider of enterprise-level software solutions and services, third-party support provider for Oracle and SAP software products, and Salesforce partner, recently announced a partnership with Korean hypermarket chain Lotte Mart Did. Oracle Application Maintenance Support Service Provider. The company aims to focus resources on strategic projects related to business growth and practical ERP support to better manage distribution services.

“Rimini Street did a detailed analysis of Lotte Mart’s current situation, including the need to reduce costs and service issues with software vendor support programs, and instead offered a customized support service that better suited our needs. They provided it to us.” Lotte Mart System Strategy Leader.

“After switching to Rimini Street, we were able to free ourselves from vendor-oriented service policies and focus on business-oriented services,” says Pyo. “The operational efficiency of our IT services was maximized with rapid response and problem support on request.”

“After switching to Rimini Street Support Services, Lotte Mart was able to strengthen its digital competitiveness, free itself from vendor upgrade cycles, and regain control of its IT roadmap. Leveraging Rimini Street’s award-winning services, thousands of companies around the world have dramatically reduced their enterprise software maintenance costs, using the money saved to solve short-term budget challenges and digital transformation initiatives. It helps us invest, which drives competitiveness and growth.”

Aiming to optimize performance and focus IT teams, Lotte Mart strives to minimize overall costs for investment in innovative companies and projects that promote business inventions. I’m in. To better support its IT roadmap, Lotte Mart is reviewing its plans to adopt Rimini Street to support additional areas of its business, and is considering its application across the Lotte Group.

https://www.electronicsb2b.com/industry-buzz/rimini-street-and-lotte-group-partner-for-oracle-applications/ Oracle Application Partner for Rimini Street and Lotte Group

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