Oppo patents wearable device vein unlocking technology: Report

Beijing: Smartphone maker OPPO recently patented a new technology for use in future wearable devices. The company has patented vein unlocking technology, which Gizmo China reported on Friday, probably a form of biometric security system. Launched Oppo A16s with triple rear camera, confirmed price, function, specifications..

The details of this technology are currently unknown, but the report states that the patented system could have numerous uses in a variety of electronic products from leading Chinese tech companies.

The patent number for the new technology is CN110298944B, which describes “vein unlocking methods and vein unlocking devices”. Oppo filed for this patent in 2019, which has just been granted. According to the description, the patent is for vein unlocking technology.

In other words, it’s a biometric system that maps the veins of a user’s hand, similar to face recognition or fingerprint scanning. In particular, this technology is very similar to LG’s HandID system, which maps the thickness and characteristics of the user’s veins to unlock.

According to the report, the system can be expected to map and record vein thickness to verify identity and grant access. This is especially true for the company’s wearable products such as smart bands and smart watches. Unfortunately, he added, it’s unclear if the company is actually working on such a system or if it only covers all locations.

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