OpenShift Commons videos and slides at Red Hat Summit 2021

It’s a virtual rap! OpenShift Commons Gathering It was virtually held on June 14th at the Virtual Red Hat Summit Part 2. The rally brought together hundreds of Kubernetes and Cloud Native experts from around the world to discuss container technology, best practices for cloud-native application developers, and open source software projects. It underpins the OpenShift ecosystem.

This OpenShift Commons Gathering featured eight OpenShift end-user talks. Isbank, Six, Wells Fargo, Service australia, Innovapost (Canada!), Worldpay Including inspiring end-user keynotes Confederate States for Social Justice..

End User OpenShift Commons Talks for End Users

I also dug deeper Latest OpenShift release (4.7) Full of new feature demonstrations by members of the OpenShift Product Management team from Red Hat’s Clayton Coleman and Joe Fernandes Kubernetes as a control plane for hybrid cloud environments.

All videos and accompanying slides are available online Here

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What is OpenShift Commons?

Commons build connections and collaborations between OpenShift communities, projects, and stakeholders. In doing so, we enable the success of our customers, users, partners and contributors while deepening our knowledge and experience together.

Our goal goes beyond the contribution of the code. Commons is a place for businesses to use OpenShift to accelerate their success and adoption. To do this, we act as resources for each other, share best practices, and provide a forum for peer-to-peer communication.

Join OpenShift Commons now! OpenShift Commons videos and slides at Red Hat Summit 2021

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