OnePlus will be an Oppo subbrand, but will remain independent

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said last week that his company would merge with Oppo, but didn’t elaborate on how it would actually be implemented. There is currently official information on the format in which the merger will take place.

Network insider Evan Blass is free to use the documentation listing the main papers on this issue. This material belongs to the OnePlus PR service and contains a completely transparent representation.

“By integration OnePlus Become a brand within OppoHowever, it will continue to act as an independent entity, “reads the most appropriate answer. In addition, Pete Lau’s work as Oppo’s chief product officer implies his responsibility for both brands’ smartphone manufacturing strategies.

“The merger of the two companies will give us more resources to create even better products, which will also enable us to make our activities more effective,” said the memo. The two companies have already merged their research divisions earlier this year. As a result, more integration can occur in everyday business processes.

Reading between the lines, OnePlus essentially looks like an Oppo label, maintaining individual consumer operations, but consolidating business activities outside of product development.

OnePlus buyers shouldn’t expect a fateful change from the merger. In fact, since the birth of the OnePlus brand, both companies have had a common owner and a common supply chain.

OnePlus is now part of Oppo

OnePlus recently announced that it has officially become part of Oppo... The merger should benefit both companies as teams can now collaborate on new devices and software. At the same time, the OnePlus brand goes nowhere. And various new devices will continue to appear below it.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau announced the merger in an open letter to his team. In particular, they point out that the merger opens up new opportunities for growth for both companies. OnePlus was founded in 2013. Head Pete Lau is from Oppo, who was responsible for product planning and development.

Cooperation between the two companies began a while ago. As a result, many Chinese users were surprised. But at the same time, we are pleased with the news that the OnePlus 9 series smartphones were announced this year. Manufacturers have begun using the ColorOS shell used in Oppo smartphones instead of their own OxygenOS shell. After all, this step was considered successful, and based on that, further integration with Oppo was decided. OnePlus will be an Oppo subbrand, but will remain independent

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