OnePlus Nord2 and OnePlus 9: What’s the difference?

OnePlus has announced the Nord2, the successor to last year’s midrange diol rounder. Nord.. So how does it compare to OnePlus’ current flagship smartphone? OnePlus 9??

In us OnePlus Nord 2 In a Nord 2 review, reviewer Andrew Williams described the phone as “a more affordable alternative to the OnePlus 9” because of its design, camera, and gaming performance.

The five differences between Nord2 and OnePlus 9 are to make it easier to determine which OnePlus phone is right for you.

OnePlus Nord 2

One of the biggest changes made with Nord 2 is the MediaTek Dimensity 1200-AI chipset. With this chip, the Nord 2 became the first OnePlus phone to discontinue Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor, demonstrating the major difference between the Nord 2 and its flagship OnePlus 9.

The Nord 2 MediaTek chip is a fine-tuned version of the Dimensity 1200 with additional AI capabilities. The phone contains up to 12GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage.

Meanwhile, the OnePlus 9 features Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 888 SoC, with up to 12GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage.

Testing has shown that Nord2 runs at about the same speed as OnePlus 9 and provides excellent performance for the game. However, I wasn’t very sure about the power efficiency of the Dimensity 1200-AI.

OnePlus 9

One of the upgrades the Nord 2 saw over the original Nord was a larger battery. Previously Nords came with a 4115mAh battery, but the Nord2 has a 4500mAh battery. This is the same battery as the OnePlus 9.

However, the Nord 2 may have a battery of the same size, which doesn’t necessarily mean it will last longer.

Run both calls using the Generic Battery Drainer app, get the most out of brightness, CPU, GPU, call Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and compare under pressure confirmed. After 22 minutes, OnePlus 9 was down 11% and Nord 2 was down 16%.

Thankfully, both phones utilize OnePlus’ fast charging technology. The Nord2 has a WarpCharge 65 and can transition from 0 to 100% in less than 35 minutes, while the OnePlus 9 WarpCharge 65T can transition from 0 to 100% in just 29 minutes.

OnePlus Nord 2

The Nord 2 features a 6.43-inch Fluid AMOLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate and is OnePlus’ 2020 flagship product. OnePlus 8..

The OnePlus flagship was upgraded in 2021. The OnePlus 9 features a larger 6.55-inch Fluid AMOLED display with an even faster 120Hz refresh rate, making scrolling and gaming feel even smoother on the phone screen.

Both phones have a resolution of 2400 x 1090, an aspect ratio of 20: 9, and support sRGB and display P3, but OnePlus 9 is also protected by Corning Gorilla Glass.

The Nord 2’s 90Hz refresh rate is still above the average 60Hz found on most smartphones, but if you’re looking for a larger, smoother display, the OnePlus 9 is a better choice.

OnePlus 9

Both the Nord2 and OnePlus 9 have triple rear cameras, but both perform well in a variety of areas.

The Nord 2 has a 50-megapixel main camera (f / 1.88), an 8-megapixel ultra-wide camera (f / 2.25), a 2-megapixel monochrome camera (f / 2.4), and 32 on the back. -Megapixel selfie camera (f / 2.45) on the front.

Meanwhile, OnePlus 9 includes a 48-megapixel main camera (f / 1.8), a 50-megapixel ultra-wide camera (f / 2.2), a 2-megapixel monochrome camera on the back, and a 16-megapixel selfie camera. It is. (F / 2.4) Front.

Both cameras can capture 1080p video at 30fps.

The Nord 2 camera has been found to provide cleaner results than the OnePlus 9 when shooting at night. The smartphone captured finer details, and the images generated were brighter and less noisy than the photos taken with the flagship camera.

The Nord 2 also benefits from a better selfie camera. The 32-megapixel sensor is the highest resolution I’ve seen on a OnePlus phone and offers more impressive results than the OnePlus 9 in both good and bad lighting.

The OnePlus 9, on the other hand, benefits from the much better 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, which offers the rich detail and wide field of view that Nord2’s 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens struggles to capture.

OnePlus Nord 2

One of the most important differences between the two smartphones is the price. The Nord 2 is built at an affordable price, but the OnePlus 9 is a thoroughly flagship phone. This means that you can expect 9 to be a bit more expensive than the cheaper siblings.

The OnePlus Nord 2 is available for £ 399 for 8GB / 128GB and £ 469 for 12GB / 256GB. The OnePlus 9, on the other hand, returns £ 629 for 8GB / 128GB and £ 729 for 12GB / 256GB.

This makes the OnePlus 9 £ 230 to £ 260 more expensive than the Nord2, making the Nord2 the more affordable option of the two if you’re willing to make some sacrifices in terms of battery, camera and display. OnePlus Nord2 and OnePlus 9: What’s the difference?

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