OnePlus 10 Pro 10-bit color photos can’t look great

The OnePlus 10 Pro The camera has a 10-bit color mode, perfect for amateur photographers who want to take the best possible pictures, and we hope this mode will become more common in the future.

Is OnePlus correct or do I need to use 10-bit color with OnePlus 10 Pro? Yeah, yes, but not only does it require specific hardware to truly evaluate the results, but it also works a bit depending on the format in which the photo is stored, so I’m wondering what the photo looks like. You need to understand the words a Effort (blade).. Here’s what you need to know about the OnePlus 10 Pro 10-bit color mode:

What is a 10-bit color photo?

If you’re not a photography expert, you may not have come across the term 10-bit color before.that is Image or video bit depth, The depth of tone it can contain. Most cameras capture and save files in JPEG format with 256 levels of tones (16.7 million colors) and record them in 8-bit color. In other words, there are quite a lot.

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However, if you switch to a device that can capture 10-bit color images of your video, the tone depth will jump to the 1,024 level. This is equivalent to 1.07 billion colors. It’s much more, and as we know, the higher the number, the better. What does it mean to capture more colors? This is useful for viewing scenes with color gradients and editing images and videos.

Sunsets are a good example of how 10-bit color can help you get better images. 8-bit color photos of the sunset may contain “banding”. This banding usually makes a clear distinction between the levels of red, yellow, and orange that make up the sunset. In a 10-bit color image, this streak disappears and is replaced by a smooth color gradient.

If you want to deeply edit your photos or videos in Photoshop or another program, adding tone levels can make a big difference in the final result. 8-bit videos and images cannot be upscaled to 10-bit, so you’ll need to shoot from the beginning with 10-bit if necessary. The downside is that JPEG doesn’t support 10 bits, so you can’t save images using JPEG. This is where the RAW format comes in. For OnePlus10Pro still images, it is in High Efficiency Image File (HEIF) format.

How to activate 10-bit color in OnePlus 10 Pro

Now that you know what it does, how would you like to try it with the OnePlus 10 Pro? To take a 10-bit color still image, open the Camera app, tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen, and then click[Setting.. Scroll down until you see the 10-bit color option to activate it. At the same time, the HEIF options below it are automatically activated. The phone camera is now in 10-bit color mode.

OnePlus 10 Pro 10-bit color mode option.
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When you return to the viewfinder, you will see a message on the screen telling you that the camera is shooting in 10-bit color. You can now take the picture as you normally would. No additional time or other steps are required. The OnePlus 10 Pro takes 10-bit color photos in both standard and night modes, regardless of which of the three cameras you’re using, but not in portrait mode.

visit more Menu and activation Hasselblad Pro ModeThen tap the three dots in the upper right corner and you have the option to save the image as a RAW or RAW Plus file. Both are shot in 12-bit color. Taking 10-bit or 12-bit photos and videos gives you greater editing flexibility and makes your images look better when you look at them on compatible screens. However, there are some important drawbacks to consider before leaving the 10-bit color mode as it is.

Disadvantages of shooting in 10-bit color

It’s easy to take a picture with 10-bit color mode enabled, but if you try to do something later, you’ll run into problems. First of all, you need to display a 10-bit image on a screen that displays 10-bit color. The OnePlus 10 Pro screen supports 10-bit color, so you can see your photos taken with the OnePlus 10 Pro in all glory. However, your computer monitor or TV may not support 10-bit color. Shoot in 12-bit color using Hasselblad Pro mode. Even the OnePlus 10Pro screen doesn’t seem to be any better than 10-bit color.

A 10-bit color photo displayed on the OnePlus 10 Pro.
10-bit color photo of OnePlus 10 Pro. Andy Boxol / Digital Trends

Another drawback is HEIF file format, This is a little painful. 10-bit pain if needed. The problem is compatibility. You can edit your photos with OnePlus 10 Pro and dedicated photo editing software, but sharing them is not Much more difficult.. Google Photos doesn’t support HEIF files, so it’s displayed as a black square in the gallery, but you can download it to your phone for viewing. It also doesn’t show Google Drive as a preview.

You cannot upload HEIF files on Twitter. Also, Instagram accepts files, but the service doesn’t support 10-bit color, so it doesn’t make a bit of sense. Browsers such as Chrome and Safari also don’t support files, so the web is generally not a good place for HEIF- (or Apple’s equivalent file format, HEIC-). To print a HEIF file, you need to convert it to JPEG. This means that the additional information collected will be lost.

Want to take pictures that are difficult to share and view? I doubt that, and it’s the biggest pitfall of 10-bit color mode.

What does the photo look like?

Imagine a beautiful 10-bit color photo gallery here. The frustrating habit of HEIF format means I can’t easily show them to you, so you’ll have to. Even if the Digital Trends media library supports (does not support) HEIF files, the browser does not display them. Also, the 10-bit color may not appear on your monitor or phone screen. You will have to believe my words about what they look good on.

Looking at them on the OnePlus 10 Pro’s AMOLED screen, there is a clear difference between 10-bit color photography and 8-bit JPEG. The 8-bit JPEG at sunset didn’t contain the specific banding I could see, but the 10-bit photo had more color depth. I call it “richer”, and while it’s not a noticeable improvement, the scene seemed more atmospheric. I like the results and I think you can make very impressive photos in 10-bit color mode in the right situation, but you may be wondering when you see the difference between 8-bit and 10-bit.

What does this mean for this unusual feature of OnePlus 10 Pro? Those who want to edit their photos and make them look like they really like are likely to appreciate the 10-bit color mode and have the software and hardware they need to get the most out of their photos. Become.

For the rest of us, it seems that we need to wait for the online world to catch up before using it widely. Photos are frustrating because they are promising, but the file formats are difficult to view and share, which, for many, defeats the purpose of taking such photos in the first place.

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