OneDrive joins Dropbox with a commit to native M1Mac support

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Samuel Axon

Microsoft is announcing a public preview of OneDrive sync for ARM devices, announcing the final public release of the native version of OneDrive on the M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max Macs.

9to5Mac was first discovered, Reported Announcement after Microsoft’s Ankita Kirti posted: OneDrive blog this morning:

We are pleased to announce that OneDrive sync for Windows and Apple Silicon on ARM is now available as a public preview.

This is a long-awaited feature and we are pleased to have early access.

To enable the preview, join Insider Ring and OneDrive[設定]>[バージョン情報]You need to make sure that you have enabled preview in.

This feature will be rolled out to insider ring within a few days.

Native app support for Apple’s architecture is actively advancing throughout the macOS software ecosystem. Of course, there are still some major exceptions, such as Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 and Autodesk Maya, but in general, many popular applications have become native since the debut of M1 last year.

However, utilities like Dropbox and OneDrive are often notable outliers in this regard.

Dropbox was angry with users when they saw employees suggesting that M1 support wasn’t a high priority in discussions on the support forums.But the company later revealed statement 9to5Mac is testing the M1 version and will be supported in 2022. On the other hand, competing utilities Google Drive and Box supported the M1 relatively quickly.

While some poorly supported niche applications can’t move to new architectures, users are looking forward to many workflows and widely used apps such as Dropbox and OneDrive that are essential in the workplace. increase.

Open Activity Monitor and Sort Processes by “Type” Most Apple Silicon Mac users will notice that they are running Apple native and Intel-based apps on their machines, but the gap is closing. Outliers are often like background utilities or extensions. That said, most apps’ Intel versions work fine with Rosetta 2. In other words, it will perform worse than it does natively.

Microsoft hasn’t announced when OneDrive ARM support will be generally available, but insiders will be at least soon accessible. OneDrive joins Dropbox with a commit to native M1Mac support

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