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Our mission has always been to democratize publishing on one website at a time. Now, with one simple pricing plan, we’re making all the benefits of WordPress available to more people.

Hello professional

One of the things I’ve heard over the years has been how difficult it is to choose the right upgrade plan when you’re ready to scale up from free.

WordPress Pro radically simplifies that decision by combining the best managed WordPress hosting into a single affordable plan for just $ 15 a month (pay annually).

Over 50,000 plugins in your pocket

Plugins are powerful add-ons that make it easy to add unlimited functionality to your website with just a few clicks. No coding required. With WordPress Pro, you can open the door to this unlimited addition for half the price of your previous business plan.

Beautifully designed themed universe

In addition to the thousands of free themes available, Pro also unlocks a variety of beautiful premium themes, offering even more themes in the future. Whatever your goals, you’ll find hand-crafted flexible themes to transform your design in minutes instead of months. No designer needed.

From site to store with just a few clicks

When you’re ready to start selling, WordPress Pro includes everything from simple payments, donations, subscriptions to full-fledged stores.

WooCommerce, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms on the planet, is part of the Pro plan. Not only does this give the store a raw, almost endlessly extensible option, but it also allows you to pay significantly less than other e-commerce options that appear in ads everywhere.

Support whenever you need it, whenever you need it

Sometimes you need a little extra help to get it done. WordPress Pro customers can get help through human hands with premium support via live chat and email. If you are stuck, we are here to get you stuck.

Managed WordPress hosting for our rest

WordPress is all about the right to do it yourself.

With cheap hosting or a Raspberry Pi at the counter, you can set up your site and swap pockets in minutes. However, you will encounter hours of hands-on maintenance, quickly reach speed, security, and hosting limits, and spend a considerable amount of time maintaining execution. Managed hosting takes away that pain, but it’s often significantly more expensive. and the new WordPress Pro plan aim to provide the raw power, flexibility and hassle-free experience of managed hosting, without the huge price tags that normally accompany it.

In addition to Pro’s headline capabilities, you’ll get the following information:

  • Custom domain name without individual subscription
  • SEO features that make it easier to find your site.
  • A social media tool for promoting your website.
  • Super-safe protection from DDOS, brute force, and other attacks that could bring your site down overnight
  • Super powerful real-time automatic backup across multiple locations. Even in the worst case, it will be covered.
  • The Fastest site speed Of any managed hosting on the planet
  • SFTP access to files
  • When Much more

This means you can enjoy fast and secure search optimization sites without spending countless hours updating, fixing and technically maintaining.

How about free?

Our free plan never goes away.

What is important for is that anyone can launch a blog or site anywhere, regardless of the situation. With our free plan, you can disseminate information, create beautiful sites, and take advantage of the fastest WordPress managed hosting on the planet. And when you’re ready to expand your ambitions, WordPress Pro is waiting for you.

How this will affect your current plans

Rest assured that we’ve made some changes to the free plan, but if you’re already signed up, nothing will change. Same as above, if you are using one of our legacy plans, nothing will change unless you want it.

From now on, new sign-ups and sites will be smoothly integrated into new free and pro plans.

Your money goes further. And even more.

WordPress Pro is more than a simple and competitive way to enjoy solid, ultra-fast and ultra-secure WordPress hosting without hassle.

Every dollar you spend on your plan helps us do:

  • We support free plan users around the world, regardless of the situation. This is more important than ever in 2022.
  • Sponsor the work of over 90 enthusiastic developers working on free open source WordPress projects Five for future initiatives.. This helps WordPress to be always free, open, updatable and hostable by anyone.

We are here for you

We are listening to your feedback and would like to make it clear that it will shape the future of as always.

With that in mind, we are working on the following:

  • There are no traffic restrictions on either the free plan or the pro plan. You will enjoy the same unlimited traffic you always had.
  • The storage limit for the new free plan includes 1GB of free storage, and existing free users will retain the 3GB they already have.
  • Additional storage will soon be available for purchase at a very reasonable price.
  • If necessary, add add-ons for both plans to provide an à la carte upgrade. coming soon.

In everything we do, it’s important to keep things simple, honest, and clear. We look forward to hearing from you about your plans, feedback and ideas!

Any more questions?

I fully understand that there may be additional questions about the changes.We will ask many of your questions about our FAQ here.. One plan, endless possibilities – News

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