One-click checkout company Bolt enters the unicorn territory with the $ 355 million series E–TechCrunch

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Hello and welcome to the Daily Crunch on January 14, 2022! I think this was Wordle’s week in that everyone and their dog tweeted their scores and results. A little friendship for those who are not good at games: I am also garbage. And I still get paid for writing, so I refuse to connect “Good at Wordle” with “Good at words!”. – – Alex

PS In words, The equity team had a great time this week, In case you want a talkative dive through recent startup events.

TechCrunch Top 3

Startup / VC

  • Daasity raises $ 15 million to enable businesses to leverage e-comm data: Daasity allows customers to aggregate information from a variety of e-commerce platforms (Amazon, Shopify, etc.), “analyze and push to marketing channels, and optimize the customer experience based on insights from past performance.” It’s a startup that helps you, “Written TechCrunch. .. The company’s new funding round was Series A, led by VMG Catalyst.
  • Commercial EV for Indian market: Amazon is working with many companies on EV for its global distribution network, one of which is EVage. An Indian company has just raised $ 28 million for an electric truck banvox that I have to admit. However, if you are someone who enjoys Brutalist architecture.
  • Cannabis labor market is growing start-ups: TechCrunch states in this story that there are labor platforms built to support recruitment in specific industries. For example, there are several in the healthcare market. And now, the cannabis industry is also thanks to Vangst, who has just raised $ 19 million in Series B.

Brazil’s FinTech and InsurTech innovations embark on regulatory tailwinds

Nubank’s current headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Image Credit: NELSON ALMEIDA / AFP via Getty Images

Regulation is often criticized as a hurdle to innovation in most parts of developing countries.

But in Brazil, central banks are equally welcomed by investors and the founders of FinTech as a tailwind for bringing banks to the masses.

“The open banking initiative adopted by the Central Bank of Brazil is an absolute tailwind for FinTech innovation,” Amy Cheetham of Costanoa Ventures told TechCrunch.

A detailed market analysis explores Anna Heim’s growth in Brazil’s FinTech following the Brazil’s open banking initiative and how InsurTech is poised to leverage it.

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Big Tech Co., Ltd.

Today, we’re catching up on transit-themed Big Tech news, followed by some European legal news involving major US tech companies.

  • Self-driving taxi joins high-speed lane in China: Our own Rita Liao has digged deeper into China’s self-driving taxi market and has shown its favor to everyone. As she writes, every week there seems to be “news that another major player has got a green light to launch a new pilot program or small service” in the country. What will be an individual news event? Find out!
  • Speaking of self-driving cars: Waymo and truck company JB Hunt are turning pilots into long-term programs. Due to the shortage of truck drivers in the United States, trucks that can work without help can be a big problem in the United States.
  • TechCrunch reviews of cars that no one can buy: To be clear, I want a Bentley Continental GT speed. I also settle for the standard Bentley Continental. The fact that our enterprising traffic editor, Kirsten Korosec, has tested one is inspiring jealousy. In fact, if you have over $ 250,000 and need a 12-cylinder, this is probably the car for you.
  • Meta faces a class action proceeding in the UK.. : A class action filed in the UK’s Competitive Appeal Court in London wants to dock about $ 3.1 billion to US social networking giants due to abuse of market power in the UK. Let’s see if this is everywhere.

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