Olympia Dukakis dies at age 89

New York, NY. (WKRG) — Olympia Dukakis died at the age of 89. An American actress famous for playing with Moonstruck and Magnolia flowers has died in New York.

Her brother Apollo Dukakis announced on Facebook that his sister had died. According to Apollo, Olympia’s health has declined over the past few months.

Innovative artist agent Allison Levy said on Saturday that Dukakis died at his home in New York City on Saturday morning. The cause of death was not immediately revealed. Dukakis’ natural talent for her role as a mother helped her win Oscar as Cher’s mother in the romantic comedy Moonstruck. The stage was Dukakis’ first love, and she said that “playing a wonderful role” was her ambition. She married actor Louis Zorich and had three children. Olympia Dukakis dies at age 89

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