Okaloosa County Seeks to Fund Affordable Housing Initiative

Shalimar, Florida (WKRGMore) — The Okaloosa County Commission received a staff update at its Dec. 6 meeting to discuss ways to improve affordable housing.

“A fast-growing, high-cost community, Okaloosa County is facing a shortage of affordable housing for its residents. housing demand is not being met, a growing problem expected to escalate in the coming years as more military missions are stationed on the Eglin Reservation and an expected influx of new residents .”

Okaloosa County Agenda Item Descriptions

Staff said they are looking into creating a comprehensive, achievable workforce housing strategic plan across the county. This “scope of work” by the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (AHAC) develops plans and methods to fund affordable housing projects in the county.

“We will work with the City to evaluate their willingness to participate in the plan and partner with the County in financing its plan costs,” said County Administrator Sheila Fitzgerald.

Staff say the plan will cost about $150,000.

Once the action plan is approved by the board, advertising will begin in mid-January. The full plan is slated for completion by September or October of 2023.

This comes after a bill to receive funding for the project at the state level was rejected by Gov. Ron DeSantis in Congress in 2022.

Current affordable housing projects:

Fitzgerald added that staff are working with financial advisors to use NSP funds to add 18 new units to the Palm Village Apartment Complex in Fort Walton Beach. Once a full financial analysis of these new units has been produced, the Board can approve their construction and move forward.

These plans will be presented to the Board at a future meeting.

View agenda items and watch discussions online.

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https://www.wkrg.com/northwest-florida/okaloosa-county/okaloosa-county-looks-to-fund-affordable-housing-initiative/ Okaloosa County Seeks to Fund Affordable Housing Initiative

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