nVent / Schroff Card-Lok High Clamp Force PCB Retainers Available from Foremost – Engineering Update

First electronics, Engineering-led Essex-based electromechanical component importers and professional distributors will be able to offer the nVent / Schroff Card-Lok series of innovative high thermal performance and high clamping force PCB retainers for use in harsh environments. became. The new Card-Lok retainer is designed as a drop-in replacement for most applications currently using standard Card-Lok, with an average of more than three times the clamping force compared to similar sized Card-Lok. Provide.

Standard COTS and modified card locks are available to meet a wide range of requirements and include designs for second level maintenance such as torque limits and tool-less card locks. Typical applications for small, lightweight designs include industrial systems, defense, space flight, communications, computers, and intelligence monitoring.

As more systems are exposed to increasing shock and vibration, it is important to have sufficient printed circuit board retention, as well as SWaP requirements (reducing size and weight while effectively handling increasing power). Become. SWaP is an ongoing challenge for defense and aerospace designers and manufacturers, especially for aircraft-mounted applications where weight equals cost, or space-critical unmanned aerial vehicles. The need to reduce the size of electronic devices has also been driven by the growing need for devices that allow operators to easily carry them over long distances.

Historically, greater clamping forces were only available for larger profile card locks that required more space within the enclosure and consumed heavier and more valuable board space. The innovative new nVent / Schroff high clamping force design features a 30⁰ wedge angle compared to the 45⁰ wedge angle of the traditional card lock design. The shallower the angle, the greater the normal force between the wedges and the better the clamping performance. The high clamping force provides an average of more than 3 times the clamping force compared to similar size card locks. The new high clamp force retainer is designed to be a drop-in replacement for most applications that currently use standard clamp locks.

The Schroff 260HC, 263HC, 265HC, 267HC High Clamping Force Card Locks have the same mounting position as the standard model and optional features such as visual indicators and lock patches.

Emma Kempster, Key Account Manager for Foremost Electronics, commented. Critical system reliability is paramount to designers and system integrators. nVent / Schroff Card-Lok high clamping force PCB retainer mounted in a suitable enclosure protects sensitive systems from the effects of shock and vibration, ensuring maximum reliability. “

For more information on nVent / Schroff Card-Lok High Clamp Force PCB Retainers, please call +44 (0) 1371 811171 and send an email. [email protected] Or visit http://www.4most.co.uk/

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