Number of .uk domain suspensions at record lows

In the last 12 months, the number of .uk domain names suspended due to phishing, fraud and other forms of criminal activity has dropped dramatically. Cybercrime – The lowest number since the record began, only 3,434, Compared to 22,148 in 2020..

The latest statistics revealed on December 8th NominationThe UK’s official domain name registrar almost perfectly reflects the success of Operation Ashiko, a joint initiative aimed at intellectual property crime. Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (Pipuku) and Nominet.

According to Nominet, Pipcu, responsible for handling and coordinating all claims related to intellectual property infringement, reported that the number of domains suspended in 2021 was only 2,487 from 21,632 last year.

“This trend is primarily due to a significant reduction in suspensions related to intellectual property crime. This is a testament to the success of the joint initiative – Operation Ashiko We are working with PIPCU and Nominet to reduce the number of counterfeit sites, following a complete map evaluation of the DNS of websites that sell and distribute counterfeit products, “Nominet’s general counsel and interests. Nick Wenban-Smith, Head of Relations, said.

“For obvious reasons, I won’t go into the details of the project, but the online criminals don’t see .uk as a viable option, so we’re getting positive results.”

Nominet will suspend your domain if police or other law enforcement agencies notify you that your domain is being used for criminal activity.With the exception of Operation Ashiko, law enforcement agencies have made a total of 539 domain suspension requests, 841 of which. National Fraud Information Bureau (NFIB), and from 75 Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

In addition, Nominet did not report a domain outage in 2021 as a result of the banned conditional policy, even though 1,012 newly registered domains were identified as potential violations. This indicates a high level of false positives.Importantly, there was no domain outage request from Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) Related to child sexual abuse images in this year’s .uk domain space.

“This year, some media outlets are on the rise, especially for online fraud and financial crime. However, the total number of criminal .uk domains is still lower than the previous year, which is good for all users. It’s a result, “said Wenban-Smith.

Detective Sergeant Sophina Deed of the City of London Police’s NFIB Cyber ​​Prevention and Confusion Team said: “Our focus is on using technology as a fraud promoter to confuse criminals, and companies are victims of this type of crime and can have catastrophic consequences.

“On behalf of our team, we thank you for your continued positive partnership in this area, which allows us all to continue our united fight against this type of crime at the .uk Arena. “She said.

As always, in 2021, we also saw a small number of domain outage requests that did not lead to an outage. This has decreased from 47 last year to a total of 18. This can happen for several reasons. The domain may have been suspended in a concurrency process, transferred by court order, or the registrant may have taken steps to comply after notification.

Nominet has also reverted a few previous outages from 15 to 25. This can happen if the offending behavior is stopped and the requesting agency confirms that it can be lifted.

Covid fishing trip

On the other hand, Nominet’s anti-phishing initiative Domain watchWas empowered to suspend suspicious domains at the time of registration if they identified that new domains could be at high risk of being used in phishing campaigns, with 5,484 new registrations, a slight increase from 5,006 in 2020. Has stopped.

A domain watch outage means that the proposed domain will not be available until due diligence has been taken to prevent it from causing risk. Of the 5,484 outages, 450 passed the due diligence process and were allowed to complete and operate.

Many of these actions are related to fraudulent exploitation of the Covid-19 pandemic, and Domain Watch will continue to carry out enhanced checks for new domain registrations related to the coronavirus. As of the end of October, we checked for the new 4,330 .uk domains, or 2,749 graded domains, during the pandemic process.

“As a guardian of the .uk namespace, it is in our DNA to make it safe and secure for the millions of individuals and businesses that use it. A collaborative approach with LEA and the Domain Watch initiative. As uk becomes less and less attractive to criminals, it’s always encouraging to see that it’s hitting the number of domains that need to be stopped. Number of .uk domain suspensions at record lows

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