Nuclear scientists praise the breakthrough of US fusion

California’s nuclear ignition facility is committed to getting energy from fusion. In fusion, isotopes are bound rather than split, as is the case with fission.

Nuclear scientists using lasers of the size of three soccer fields said on Tuesday Generated The enormous amount of energy from fusion probably provides hope for the development of new clean energy sources.

Experts focused on a huge array of about 200 Laser beam In a small spot to create a megablast of energy— 8 times the past.

The energy lasted only a very short time (only one hundredth of a second), but scientists approached the Holy Grail. fusion Ignition, the moment they are producing more energy than they are using.

“This result is a historic advance in inertial confinement fusion research,” said Kim Budil, director of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, which operates the California National Ignition Facility, where the experiment was conducted this month.

Fusion is considered by some scientists to be a potential energy source for the future, as it produces very little waste and no greenhouse gases.

This is different from the technology currently in use, nuclear fission. Nuclear power plant, The bonds of heavy nuclei break and release energy.

In the process of fusion, two light nuclei “marriage” to form a heavy nucleus.

In this experiment, scientists used two isotopes of hydrogen to produce helium.

This is the process working on the stars, including our Sun.

“The NIF team did an extraordinary job,” said Professor Stephen Rose, co-director of the Research Center in this area at Imperial College London.

“This is the most important advancement in inertial fusion since its inception in 1972.”

But Jeremy Chittenden, co-director of the same center in London, warned that it wouldn’t be easy to make it a usable energy source.

“Turning this concept into a renewable power source is probably a long process and involves overcoming significant technical challenges,” he said.

Major fusion milestones reached when a “fire” was triggered in the laboratory

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