Nokia joins list of tech companies leaving Russia

Nokia has become the latest technology company to break ties with Russia over the war in Ukraine. According to data compiled by researchers at the Yale School of Management, Finnish telecommunications giants have joined a group of 63 technology suppliers who have withdrawn or suspended their operations in Russia since the beginning of the war.

Nokia today announced its withdrawal from the Russian market. (Photo by Andrey Rudakov / Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Nokia has been under increasing pressure to leave the Russian market in recent weeks. New York Times Revealed by investigation How did the company provide equipment and services for linking the country’s SORM surveillance network to Russian communications service provider MTS for five years?

today, The company said It provides the support needed to “maintain Russia’s important telecommunications network” in order to “ensure a continuous flow of information and access to the Internet that provides the Russian people with an external perspective”. The purpose is. ”

The company described the move as “Nokia’s most responsible course of action” and withdrew from the Russian market.

Nokia’s withdrawal from Russia is unlikely to have a significant impact on the company’s business. According to the statement, the Russian market contributed less than 2% of Nokia’s net sales last year, and the company is expected to suffer a loss of around € 100 million. But Russia’s high-tech industry Extensive sanctions and export control on critical hardware and software..

The plan for a joint venture with Moscow-based YADRO to build 4G and 5G base stations announced last November is now abandoned. According to Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark.. Approximately 2,000 Russian workers have been affected by this exit, some “providing jobs in other parts of the world.”

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Which technology companies are still doing business in Russia?

According to the Yale University database, at least nine foreign tech companies continue to operate in Russia. This includes the American cybersecurity company Cloudflare, which has so far resisted calls to withdraw from the Russian market.

so Blog post earlier this monthMatthew Prince, CEO of the company, said Cloudflare is helping Russian citizens evade Internet control through WARP virtual private network services, and the company’s domestic edge server was launched from within Russia as a “cyber attack.” The forefront of

“The withdrawal by Internet companies can have unintended consequences of advancing and retaining the interests of the Russian government to control Russia’s Internet,” he added.

Other foreign tech companies still active in Russia include US companies Ambarella, Intermediate and MSI, Xiaomi in China, and Check Point, a cybersecurity provider in Israel, according to data from Yale University.

Yesterday, Chinese telecommunications equipment maker Huawei, which was on the ale list at the time of publication Stopped new orders in Russia He fired staff there in anticipation of secondary sanctions against China.

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