Nio car fell from the parking lot on the 3rd floor of Shanghai, killing two people

The employee is standing next to the ET7 sedan at the NIIOnc. Dealer in Shanghai, China, on Wednesday, June 8, 2022.

Qilai Shen | Bloomberg | Getty Images

A test car manufactured by Chinese electric car startup Nio fell from a parking lot on the third floor of a building in Shanghai, killing two people, the company said in a Weibo post Thursday.

The incident happened Wednesday at about 5:20 pm Beijing time. One company employee and one partner employee died.

Nio said he was working with the Ministry of Public Security to immediately begin investigating the accident.

Nio provided these details in a post on Weibo, a service like Twitter in China. This service was removed just minutes after it was posted. Weibo’s post was shared with CNBC by one of Nio’s spokespersons. The company then posted a new statement on Weibo that was very similar to the original statement.

As a result of on-site analysis, it was confirmed in advance that the accident had nothing to do with the vehicle itself. In a new Weibo post, the company emphasized that the incident was an “accident” not caused by a vehicle problem.

Nio did not respond to requests for details of the incident or why the first tweet was deleted when contacted by CNBC.

Videos distributed online show that a healthcare professional is trying to rescue two passengers in a car.

Nio said he had set up a special team to help the deceased’s family deal with the aftermath.

Last year, on the Nio ES8, a man died while using a semi-automatic driving feature of a car called Navigate on Pilot. Nio car fell from the parking lot on the 3rd floor of Shanghai, killing two people

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