Nintendo shuts down rumors about 4K Nintendo switches … again

Recently, news articles about Nintendo Switch have become a hot topic.thanks to Recent report by BloombergIt is known that 11 different gaming companies own 4K development kits for switches in their teams.This caused rumors about 4K-enabled switches Next release of OLED model..

As for the expected development kit, it’s essentially the same as the current Nintendo Switch, but with additional memory for debugging and a port for connecting to a computer. Bloomberg speculated that this caliber system would not be released until late 2022 at the earliest.

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Unfortunately, like Nintendo, the wait time seems to need to be longer. once again Denied reporting in a tweet for investors. Twitter’s Nintendo Account talked about the company having no plans for a new switch model other than the OLED variant. This makes sense given that it doesn’t try to steal lightning from the OLED release scheduled for October 8th.

Future Switch OLEDs will feature a brand new, larger OLED display, along with a redesigned dock with a built-in LAN port. Other than that, there are no major hardware improvements in the new model. As a result, players have been expecting some announcements about upgrades for quite some time.

Of course, some users are questioning Nintendo’s claims.Regardless of the authenticity of the rumors, people still believe in system upgrades Will be released at some point in 2022/2023.. The reason is that as titles demand more resources, the Nintendo Switch itself has begun to point to that era.

Some users also point out that Nintendo may have stated this to make selling OLED models more attractive. But without any confirmation, the truth of the matter depends entirely on speculation from both the user and Nintendo itself. Once again, the Nintendo Switch OLED model will be available on October 8th. Nintendo shuts down rumors about 4K Nintendo switches … again

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