NFL Thanksgiving: Cowboys vs Raiders, Saints vs Bills

Is there a better way to digest a turkey feast on the couch before a football game? No matter how early you eat your Thanksgiving supper, the game is likely to start. In the first game, the unwinning Detroit Lions have now fallen to four to seven Chicago Bears. Last second field goal.. In the second game, the 7-3 Dallas Cowboys drive the 5-5 Las Vegas Raiders into half-time, aiming for a home victory in the rally.

The New Orleans nightcap features clashes between yet another conference when 5-5 saints host 6-4 Buffalo Bills.

The rest of the Thanksgiving NFL schedule is as follows:

  • Cowboys vs. Raiders: CBS at 4:30 pm (Eastern Standard Time) (1:30 pm)
  • Saints vs. Bills get 8:20 ET (5:20 PT) at NBC

Here’s how to watch Thursday’s match and the rest of the NFL season without cables.

Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys will play in the second game of the NFL Thanksgiving Triple Header for the Las Vegas Raiders.

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How to Stream NFL Games

Major streaming providers such as YouTube TV, Hulu Plus Live TV, FuboTV and DirecTV Stream offer almost every major channel you need for football. This includes CBS, NBC, Fox, as well as ESPN required for Monday Night Football.

Sling TV offers NBC and Fox in Blue packages on some markets, but without CBS. Also note that you will need to switch to the Orange package or select the Blue and Orange bundle to get ESPN.

On the other hand, if you’re comfortable watching on your mobile phone or tablet, you can also use the Yahoo Sports app to stream games broadcast on your local broadcaster for free.

What about the Red Zone and the NFL Network?

All of the above services, with the exception of DirecTV Stream, offer the option to acquire a Red Zone and NFL network. RedZone usually requires an additional $ 10 or $ 11 per month as an add-on.

If you’re only interested in RedZone, the cheapest option is to get Sling TV Blue for $ 35 / month and add the Sports Extra add-on for $ 11 / month. This allows you to get all football channels except ESPN and CBS.

How about Thursday Night Football?

Most Thursday Night Football games will be broadcast on Fox, the NFL Network, and Amazon Prime Video.Please check Click here for the full Thursday Night Football schedule And our recommendations The best way to watch the NFL without cables Throughout the season.

How about Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus offers a premium tier live CBS feed for $ 10 per month. However, depending on where you live, local CBS stations (and their NFL games) may not be available. CBS offers livestreaming services in many markets.You can check if there is live CBS streaming in your area here..

How about peacock?

All NBC regular season NFL games can be streamed on the Peacock Streaming Service for as long as you pay one of your premium subscriptions.

There are two in these layers. A $ 5 / month premium option with ads (for viewing non-live content) and a $ 10 / month premium plus option for streaming non-live content without ads (view some content offline).

YouTube TV costs $ 65 a month and includes all major football channels. Red Zone is available for an additional $ 11 per month.Insert your zip code on it Welcome page Check the local networks available in your area.

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FuboTV costs $ 65 per month, and all major NFL channels with RedZone are available as an add-on for $ 11 per month. click here Check the local channel to get.

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Hulu with Live TV costs $ 65 per month, includes all major football channels, and the Red Zone is available for an additional $ 10 per month.On it[お住まいの地域のチャンネルを表示]Click the link Welcome page Check which local channel is offered by zip code.

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Sling TV’s $ 35 / month Blue Plan includes the NBC, Fox, and NFL Networks.Please enter your address here Check the local channels available in your area.

Note: This version of Sling TV does not include ESPN. To do this, you’ll need to switch to a similar priced Orange plan or combine the $ 50 / month Orange and Blue bundle. Red Zone is also available for an additional $ 11 per month.

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Peacock presents the full story of NBC’s Sunday Night Football match. However, while the highlights are available for free, you’ll need one of the premium plans for the service to watch live Sunday Night Football and full-game replays.

The premium plan with ads is $ 5 per month and the premium plus plan without ads is $ 10 per month.

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If you’re looking for a CBS game, you can stream it on Paramount Plus with a premium tier of $ 10 per month.You can see for yourself if there is live CBS streaming in your area here..

Most Thursday night games will be available on Amazon Prime Video. For millions of Amazon Prime subscribers, the Prime Video channel is already included at no additional cost. However, if you’re not a subscriber, it may be worth paying $ 9 a month for standalone TV services.

All of the above live TV streaming services offer free trials (except Peacock, which has a free slot that does not stream live NFL games), can be canceled at any time, and requires a stable internet connection. Looking for more information?Check us out Live TV Streaming Service Guide.. NFL Thanksgiving: Cowboys vs Raiders, Saints vs Bills

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