Next morning: Hubble Telescope wakes up from “hibernation”

NASA’s Hubble Telescope has been taking a nap for a month since the system failed in late October. But early yesterday, the agency announced that Hubble was awakening. According to NASA, the telescope is now functioning normally and all four active devices are collecting data.

On October 23, NASA first noticed that Hubble’s instrument was not receiving a message from the telescope’s controller. NASA decided to put the telescope in a kind of safe mode while trying to understand what happened. Its safe mode takes a long time to get out due to Hubble’s hardware sensitivity. Sudden changes in power or temperature are not good for its life. The telescope is now 31 years old — Hubble may be nearing the end of its useful life in space. NASA will use the telescope to the end, but plans to use it in combination with the Webb Telescope, which will finally be launched on December 22nd.

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The company is testing premium membership with a small group of users.

Discord has begun testing a feature called Premium Membership. This tool allows community owners to gate access to some or all of their servers behind a monthly subscription fee.

To date, individuals seeking to provide membership fees and paid access have had to use third-party services such as Patreon to monetize access to their servers.

Premium membership tools create a streamlined interface for the same purpose.In the settings menu of the app[コミュニティ]New tabs under the headings allow server owners to set price hierarchies, view related analyzes, and more. This feature also streamlines the process of signing up for a user’s paid channel. If you want to financially support your community, you don’t have to leave Discord.

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In 2019, more than 3,100 people were killed in an accident involving an inattentive driver in the United States.

Many Tesla cars allow the driver to play game selections in the infotainment system while the car is in motion. New York Times..The company reportedly released an update for drivers to play in the summer. Solitaire, Jet fighter game Sky force reloaded And strategy title Battle of Polytopia While on the road.

The touch screen is said to display a warning before the game Solitaire start. “”Solitaire Is a game that everyone can enjoy, but only passengers play while the car is in motion, “said the message. Times.. This shows that Tesla knows that the game is playable while the car is in motion. In August, NHTSA said it was investigating autopilots after numerous collisions with parked first responder vehicles. They resulted in one death and 17 injuries.

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You can watch the first remote control match on December 12th.


BMW and esports brand LVL are trying something largely favorite Rocket league.. They are teaming up at Das Race Goal. Rocket leagueAn esports platform in the style of a car with a remote control playing soccer for charity. Players around the world steer vehicles in real arenas while grabbing virtual power-ups and activating “special effects”.

The first event will take place on December 12th at 1:00 pm EST and will be livestreamed on LVL’s Twitch channel. In this first competition, a team of six will compete at the BMW Welt Stadium in Munich to raise awareness and funding for the United Nations Population Fund’s Skills for Life program.

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Adam McKay and Jennifer Lawrence are back in the “Bad Blood” team.

Apple will fund and distribute a long-standing movie about the embarrassed founder of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes. Bad blood Jennifer Lawrence will star as Holmes, written and directed by Adam McKay. Both are producers of a project co-produced by Apple Studios and Legendary.

A movie based on a book Bad Blood: Silicon Valley Startup Secrets and Lies By the former The Wall Street Journal Reporter John Kaleiro has been developing since at least 2016.

Bad blood This isn’t the only movie and television project about Theranos and Holmes. Hulu illuminated the miniseries with green light in 2019 Saturday night live Star Kate McKinnon played a penciller to play Holmes. She dropped out earlier this year and replaced Amanda Seyfried. HBO’s documentary on Theranos’s story was also premiered in 2019.

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