New versions of STEP File Analyzer and Viewer have been released

STEP Graphical PMI visualized by file analyzer and viewer.


MBEPMI Verification and Conformity Testing Project

STEP (ISO 10303) is a widely used standard for expressing and exchanging data about manufactured parts and assemblies. NIST and System Integration Department (SID) Take Leadership for First release of STEP in 1994, And to date, working with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to extend the scope of the standard to cover more product-related data. SIDs are created and used by manufacturers, especially small and medium-sized manufacturers, and also create and maintain tools that make it easier for software vendors to view the contents of STEP files.The most popular of these tools STEP File Analyzer and Viewer.. The STEP File Analyzer and Viewer was created in 2012 and is continually updated to fix bugs in newer versions of the STEP standard and to notify you of recommended implementation practices. The latest update, version 4.55, was released in August.

In a nutshell, STEP files are used to describe ever-increasing product information, such as part shapes, tolerances, and assembly procedures, in a neutral format that can be exchanged between computer-aided systems such as computer-aided design (CAD). Will be done. ) And computer-aided manufacturing, and integrate their designs into a wider range of enterprise systems.

Engineers need a neutral format for describing and exchanging information about their products. Such a format allows engineering systems to communicate with each other, improving interoperability and efficiency. Before the STEP standard was created, software vendors created physical and digital blueprints for easily readable products, but no other vendor could. This has reduced efficiency in several ways. First, a vendor in one part of the company couldn’t share a design with a vendor in another part of the company. It also made it difficult for small and medium-sized manufacturers to obtain blueprint information from product designs, severely limiting their ability to create their own designs and implement designs from existing products.

STEP analyzers and viewers are important tools for creating, searching, and analyzing information in STEP files. The STEP File Analyzer, which is part of the tool, checks whether the file complies with the STEP standard and recommended implementation practices. The recommended methods for complying with STEP standards are very complex, and prior to STEP file analyzers and viewers, it was difficult for software vendors to ensure that STEP files followed these methods. The second part of the tool, the STEP File Viewer, allows users to visually view the contents of a STEP file.

STEP File Analyzer and Viewer is one of many tools developed by the system integration department to support standards and best practices for manipulating data in manufacturing systems.You can find others on us Software page.. New versions of STEP File Analyzer and Viewer have been released

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