New study shows clean-label food formulations can increase profits

DuPont Clean Label Hub News Release

A survey of global product developers from large and medium-sized food companies found that 40% of global manufacturers reported accepting price increases, and 58% switched to clean labeling. After doing so, they reported an increase in overall revenue.

Ingredion The EMEA said the first-ever findings highlight the potential benefits of clean-label formulations.

“New research shows that clean labels can generate increased revenue in addition to creating real consumer value,” he said. Ingredion.

“Our proprietary atlas data shows the percentage of consumers willing to pay extra for clean label formulas at the country and product level. Now food formulators can grow their business and make a profit I understand what you need.”

More than half of respondents said that providing clean-label food or beverages is a priority in their company’s overall business strategy.Globally, all four regions have at least We have already converted half of our portfolio to clean label formulations and have plans to ramp up our clean label efforts over the next two to three years.

Europe reported conversion rates of over 50% across product portfolios, with further growth expected over the next 2-3 years, with a further 17% if product portfolios are projected to convert to clean labels. projected to increase. The survey results also revealed that: Partnerships between R&D, procurement and marketing have proven to be key factors in a successful transition to clean labels.

Respondents identified three major barriers to clean label development:

  1. price: A third (34%) of global manufacturers say the cost of clean-label raw materials is a barrier to reconstitution.
  2. Shelf Life: Declining shelf life is cited as a challenge to clean label formulations across all product categories and across all markets.
  3. Lack of Formulation Expertise: Nearly 3 in 10 companies had difficulty formulating with clean label ingredients due to a lack of experience with specialty ingredients.

Companies surveyed say they plan to formulate clean labels across all food categories. Beverages and bakery categories are the highest priority. Especially in Europe, the dietary supplement and meal replacement beverage category is projected to grow by 13%.

IngredionLaunched the clean label movement 25 years ago with the introduction of Novation and with a broad portfolio of clean label ingredients, conducted this latest global clean label survey in August 2021. IngredionAtlas’ Consumer Survey of Ingredient Acceptability and Perceptions, last updated in 2020, can be found on the company’s website. website.

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