New research provides evidence of how Milky Way came together

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May 18, 2021 08:45 IST

Washington [US]May 18 (ANI): New research led researchResearchers at Ohio State University provide up-to-date evidence of how our early Milky Way gathered, including mergers with major satellite galaxies.
The results were published in the journal Nature Astronomy.
Using a relatively new method in astronomy, researchA sample of about 100 red giants was able to identify the most accurate age currently possible. Performer In the galaxy.
With this and other data, researchAbout 10 billion years ago, we were able to show what happened when the Milky Way galaxy merged with an orbiting satellite galaxy known as Gaia Enceladus.
“Our evidence suggests that the Milky Way had already formed its own large population when the merger took place. Performer“. Fiorenzo Vincenzo, co-author of the study and fellow at the Center for Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics at Ohio State University, said.
Many of those “homemade” Performer It turned out to be a thick disk in the middle of the galaxy, but most of what was captured from Gaia Enceladus is in the outer halo of the galaxy.
“The merger event with Gaia Enceradas is one of the most important in the history of the Milky Way and is believed to shape today’s observations,” said the University of Birmingham, UK, in physics and astronomy. The school’s Josefina Montalban says. , The person who led the project.
By calculating the age of Performer, researchers for the first time Performer Those captured from Gaia-Enceladus are the same age or slightly younger than the majority of people. Performer It was born in the Milky Way.
According to Vincenzo, the violent merger of the two galaxies can only shake things.The results showed that the merger changed course Performer Already in the galaxy, it’s more eccentric.

Vincenzo Performer‘Move to dance, here Performer The movement from the former Gaia Enceladus is different from what was born in the Milky Way.The Performer Vincenzo even said that his “clothes” were different. Performer From the outside, which has a different chemical composition than the one born inside the Milky Way.
The researchWe used several different approaches and data sources to carry out the study.
One way researchers could get such an exact age Performer It was due to the use of asteroseismology. Asteroseismology is a relatively new field for investigating the internal structure of asteroseismology. Performer..
Stellate seismologists study vibrations in PerformerPostdoctoral researcher Matthew Vlad said the sound waves undulate inside. research Associate of the Ohio State University Faculty of Astronomy.
“This will give you a very accurate age. PerformerThis is important in determining the chronology of when the event occurred early in the Milky Way, “Vrard said.
This study also used a spectroscopic study called APOGEE. Performer-Another aid in determining their age.
“We have revealed the great potential of asteroseismology in combination with spectroscopy, the age of the individual. Performer“Montalban said.
According to, this study is only the first step. researchers.
“We are now going to apply this approach to larger samples. Performer Include more subtle features of the frequency spectrum. This will eventually make the history and evolution of the Milky Way assembly clearer and create a timeline of how the galaxy developed, “said Vincenzo. (ANI) New research provides evidence of how Milky Way came together

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