New Relic Announces Infinite Tracing Update

Observable company New Relic Today we are announcing an update for New Relic Infinite Tracing, a fully managed tracing solution. This update offers two new innovations to help our engineering team globally.

Front-end and full-stack developers can now analyze distributed traces generated by browser, mobile, and serverless applications, as well as back-end services for full-stack visibility.

In addition, customers based in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia can use local trace observers to access features at low cloud output costs while meeting region-specific compliance requirements.

These features are included in the all-in-one New Relic observable platform. This means that this update is available to current users of Pro and Enterprise plans at no additional charge.

New Relic Infinite Tracing works to address the complexity of switching from monoliths to microservices. Tail-based sampling A solution that allows the user to send all trace data and determine which traces to keep after all spans have been analyzed.

“We are proud to continue to offer our customers more options and features for Infinite Tracing,” he said. Observability with Alex Kroman, SVP and product GM, New Relic.. “By extending the service to new regions and supporting tail-based sampling of browser, mobile, and serverless tracing in addition to application tracing, customers around the world can quickly and cost-effectively isolate failure and performance issues. , Consistently provide a world-class customer experience. “ New Relic Announces Infinite Tracing Update

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