New iPad mini owner reports “Jelly scroll” issue

A few New iPad mini Customers aren’t enjoying the new screens of small tablets as much as they want. 9to5Mac Report That user (include The VergeDieter Bohn) notices a “jelly scroll” effect where one side of the screen scrolls at a different speed than the other, producing occasional wobble in a portrait view. Tilt your iPad sideways to find the effect, but it’s not very comforting if you want to read websites and social feeds.

I asked Apple if I could comment on the jelly effect. It’s unclear if the habit is linked to hardware (such as the screen itself or the display controller) or can be addressed via software. We will let you know if we have the opportunity to reproduce the problem.

This does not necessarily impair functionality. This is especially true if you use your iPad mini in landscape mode or tend to display content that doesn’t work. It is also uncertain how widespread this problem is. That said, it’s probably not exciting to notice this wiggle on Apple’s small but premium slate.

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