Netflix’s stylish “Kate: Collateral Damage” heads to Steam on October 22nd

Netflix’s recent expansion into video games continues.On Friday, the company announced its existence Kate: Collateral damage..favorite , The VR experience we saw had a media round at the beginning of the week. The new game is a tie-up with the recently released Netflix original.In this case, here is to facilitate the release of the action thriller Kate, Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead as a deadly assassin..

Netflix explains Kate: Collateral damage Action roguelike as a time attack.If you have played games like Hotline Miami When Katana Zero, You have a good idea of ​​setup.Each enemy of Kate: Collateral damage It only takes a couple of hits to dispatch, but the same is true for your character.

Like the movie, Kate is poisoned by a substance called polonium 204 and can only live for 24 hours. How it works in the game is that the more efficiently you can get rid of your enemies, the longer it will take to complete the run. Most firearms have limited ammo, so you also need to be creative and adapt your tactics at the moment.

Kate: Collateral damage Arrival in vapor October 22nd. You can wishlist the game today.

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