Netflix surpasses game expansion details and future mobile

Netflix says its expansion into the gaming space will focus primarily on mobile devices, while quelling concerns about affecting the focus of television and movies.

In its latest revenue report, the company confirmed that in addition to the original movie and terry array, all games will be offered to subscribers for free.

Netflix likens the advancement of games such as existing Stranger Things and Black Mirror Bandersnatch titles to the original extension to original video content that demonstrates ambition in this sector.

According to the company, the first expansion will revolve around learning how Netflix users value the game. This sounds like a healthy strategy.

“We are also in the early stages of further expansion into the game, based on our previous commitment to interactivity (such as Black Mirror Bandersnatch) and Stranger Things games,” Netflix wrote in it. Letter to investors.

“We see games as another new content category for us, as well as original movies, animations, and expansion to unscripted television. Games, like movies and series, at no additional cost. Included in the member’s Netflix subscription at. Initially focused primarily on games for mobile devices. We are still excited to offer movies and TV series and all existing content We look forward to a long way to increase investment and growth in the category, but since we’ve been working on original programming for nearly a decade, it’s right to learn more about how members value the game. . “

Netflix is ​​in a unique position to provide synergies across different content sectors. If you plan to serve the game within the main Netflix mobile app, gamers can watch the episode and immediately play it in the game. This allows viewers to dig deeper into plot lines, universes, and characters that haven’t been explored deeply within the show. Netflix surpasses game expansion details and future mobile

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