Netflix is ​​becoming more expensive for North American customers

It’s also then: Netflix is ​​raising prices for US and Canadian customers. Monthly charges will increase by $ 1-2, depending on your subscription tier.

Reuters first reported that in the United States, the standard plan will go from $ 13.99 per month up to $ 15.49. Changes were confirmed on Netflix’s own help site, raising the premium tier from about $ 18 per month to $ 19.99.

This change is basically reflected in the north, and the standard plan has been raised from 15.99 to 16.49 in Canada. (The standard plan only allows you to use two screens at the same time, but the premium allows you to use up to four screens and Ultra HD image quality.)

If all this sounds familiar, it’s more or less what Netflix does every few years. An additional $ 1 or 2 was added near the end of 2020. The same was true for January 2019, October 2017, October 2015, and May 2014. The company’s original content ambitions, for better or for worse, grew in parallel with pricing, but it begins to forget that the service cost $ 8 a month 10 years ago.

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