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The new solution reduces infrastructure costs by 33% at the edge and provides ultra-low cost entries for new smart Infrastructure customers

Nebron Co., Ltd...®, A pioneer of smart InfrastructureTMThe server embedded infrastructure software offered as a service today announced the availability of the two-node Nebulonsmart Edge.TM Distributed edge deployment solution. The two-node solution reduces infrastructure costs by 33%, allowing enterprises to deploy testing and development, and more to smart Infrastructure for small-scale start-ups and other projects that may grow later. Provides a small entry point.

“By 2025, more than 50% of enterprise-managed data will be created and processed outside the data center or the cloud,” says Gartner.®..1Telcos with 5G towers, retailers, warehouses, clinics and cloud service providers with edge services is driving this trend, but with the challenges of traditional three-tier architecture and hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). Enterprises cannot fully meet the requirements of edge data centers. One such challenge is the limited space available for infrastructure at the edge. This often has space for up to two servers. Most HCI solutions require at least three nodes and a network switch. There are HCI vendors promoting two-node solutions, but customers buy a network switch and set and maintain quorum witness (QW) on another server or instance in the cloud provided by the customer. need to do it. .. In addition, HCI overhead consumes 25% of data service server resources, forcing customers to purchase more servers and software licenses than necessary, which is enormous for large-scale edge deployments. It costs a lot.

The Nebulonsmart Edge solution, which supports a two-node cluster configuration, eliminates the need for customers to set up and maintain a third server quorum monitor. Instead, Nebulon manages a single quorum monitor for all edge deployment sites in the Nebulon cloud (Nebulon ON). Providing Quorum Witnesses as a service with Nebulon ON eliminates administrative tasks related to hosting and maintaining Quorum Witnesses. Eliminating the third node while providing a highly available configuration can also be a significant cost savings, as it requires one-third less server and software licenses at hundreds or thousands of edge locations. Nebulon also announced support for switchless clusters for 2-node deployments. This increases density and reduces costs.

“The cloud is expanding. It’s no longer a set of remote services running only in public cloud data centers. The cloud is expanding on-premises to both enterprise and edge data centers,” said Wikibon Chief Anna. The list, David Vellante, said. “Nebulon’s two-server edge solution leverages a combination of public cloud infrastructure and the company’s innovative API-centric management and automation, making it ideal for organizations looking for a modern cloud-simple experience in their edge data centers. Solution. “

Not only is the Nebulon 2-node solution ideal for distributed edge deployments, it also provides a lower entry point for new cost-constrained deployments. This solution is an affordable and highly available alternative for companies looking to expand their cluster into two racks to protect against failure of partner nodes, power supplies, and top-of-the-box (ToR) switches.

“Support for two-node clusters is an integral part of Nebulon’s evolution towards the development of the ultimate cloud-managed on-premises infrastructure solution, edge deployment and data center projects, small or large. Ideal for both, “says Siamak Nazari. CEO of Nebron. “We are pleased to offer this solution to customers looking for a cost-effective solution that is recognized for driving cutting-edge innovation.”

¹ Gartner, Predicts 2022: Distributed Enterprise Drives Computing to the Edge, Thomas Bittman, Bob Gill, Tim Zimmerman, Ted Friedman, Neil MacDonald, Karen Brown October 20, 2021.

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