Navy decontamination work at Baldwin County training plane crash site ‘close to completion’

Baldwin County, Alabama (WKRGMore) — Navy cleanup operations at the site where a training plane crashed in a densely wooded area of ​​the Gateswood community about a week ago are “close to completion,” according to a release from the Naval Air Station Whiting Field Public Affairs Office. .

January 17th, A T6 wing trainer from Naval Air Station at Whiting Field crashed off a county road in Baldwin County.. Crash Sent debris to the Baldwin County property.

Two pilots had to evacuate the plane and landed far from the crash site. They were rescued and taken to a local hospital for treatment. Both pilots are safe.

On January 18, members of the Navy arrived in Alabama to “assist the survey team and assess the environmental impact of the site.”

WKRG’s Sky 5 Drone First look at the plane crash siteAfter more than a mile down a one-lane dirt road from County Route 87, hike the Styx River.

On January 20, the wreckage of the aircraft was returned to NAS Whiting Field, where “the Aircraft Investigation Board will continue its investigation,” the release said.

After the debris was cleared, soil samples were taken and lab tests were conducted to “confirm that the cleanup operation was successful.”

“Initial test results show that we have cleaned up the site to federal and state standards.
Clean backfill (soil) is then brought in to replace the removed contaminated soil. ”
NRSE Naval OSC Sarah Murtah said:

“Our team has worked closely with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office.
Land owners, whose support contributed to the efficiency of aircraft recovery,
It’s a commitment to environmental restoration,” Murtaugh said.

https://www.wkrg.com/baldwin-county/navy-cleanup-nears-completion-at-site-of-training-plane-crash-in-baldwin-county/ Navy decontamination work at Baldwin County training plane crash site ‘close to completion’

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