NASA Shares Stunning Panorama Shots of the Milky Way Galactic Center

NASA never stops astonishing us with amazing images from space. In a new Instagram post, the space agency released a new photo of the Milky Way on October 19th. The colorful image is a panorama of the Milky Way galactic center. NASA states that “combining observations from the entire electromagnetic spectrum” was able to reveal “the existence of entangled threads of energy up to 20 light-years long.” “Learn more about these threads may help us study solar wind-like space weather through the solar system and better understand the Milky Way’s core space tapestry,” the space agency added.

NASA Various observatories continue to take great pictures of the universe, primarily for research and research.Latest image of Milky Way Taken by the Chandra X-ray Observatory in NASA’s orbit and the MeerKAT radio telescope in South Africa.

The photo shows a burst of colorful clouds and clusters. NASA describes the magical colors of the pictures. “The orange, green, blue, and purple areas in this image correspond to different levels of X-ray energy,” the caption read.

Subtle lilac and gray tones occurred for other reasons. The caption explained that “the radio waves were displayed in light purple and gray.” Radio waves have lower frequencies and longer wavelengths than X-rays, so they show different colors on the image.

Here is the image:

At the beginning of July NASA shared another great image of a galaxy called M77And also explained how it was “shaped”. In the post, NASA also explained the role that magnetic fields play in forming various galaxies.

In another post in June, the American space agency Photographs of two swirling galaxies that merge into the galaxy 140 million light-years from Earth. In the caption, NASA states, “When these two come together, a shock wave passes through both galaxies, causing a new star-forming wave.”

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