MST in California offering Visa’s TapToPay

Monterey-Salinas Transit According to a press release emailed to PYMNTS, (MST) will allow bus passengers to pay fares using contactless solutions, California’s first transportation system, and major metropolitan cities. It will be the first system outside the service area.

Through its partnership with MST, we offer payment-enabled devices and solutions that offer payments from contactless credit, debit and prepaid cards. visa, Cybersource, California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), Little pay And SC software, The release said.

“This effort by MST and Caltrans shows how open and contactless payments can support innovative and equitable fare policies that benefit riders and transportation operators throughout the state.” Stated. Brian Cole, Visa’s North American product manager, on sale.

MST was the first transportation system to adopt a tap-to-pay solution, and according to the release, Caltrans’s California Integrated Travel Project (Cal-ITP) aimed at making travel in the state more cost-effective and easier. )We are promoting.

“Removing barriers to transit ridership emphasizes what Cal-ITP is, and the start of this contactless payment demonstration is critical to a simpler and more equitable public transport system across California. It represents a step forward, “said Caltrans Director. Tox Omi Shakin At release.

Eliminating the need for separate tickets and cash handling, this solution not only reduces physical contact, but also builds a bus system. SaferAccording to the release, it also saves the rider’s money. Tap-to-pay users have a $ 10 daily limit as long as they continue to use the same mobile wallet or contactless card throughout the day.

By simplifying the ticketing experience, the tap-to-pay solution also reduces operator costs. Fernando Souza, Visa Solution Vice President of Payment Platform Cybersource said: PYMNTS Last summer in a conversation about contactless payment solutions. In the partnership, CyberSource will provide payment and fraud management tools, as well as transit-compliant processing solutions, to help operators implement digital payments.

“For CyberSource, our role is to connect these three worlds. [public transit operator (PTO)] Infrastructure, solution providers, and payment ecosystem—to allow Visa or other payment brands to be accepted within the transportation system, ”Souza said.

Littlepay will help MST operators handle bulk freight transactions and caps, and SC Soft will integrate agency ticketing and automated toll collection tools, the release said.

According to the release, New York, Chicago, Miami, Portland and Oregon already offer tap-to-pay solutions.


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