MowRo is an electric lawn mower robot that frees you from home landscaping.

TLDR: MowRo is a robotic lawn mower that does all the mowing yourself, including programmable scheduling, rechargeable batteries, silent running, and wasted time.

There are regular household chores that you don’t particularly enjoy, but they have to be accomplished. So … you do. But when you actually think about how much time you spend sitting and processing these sneaky tasks over the years, the time blown away can be quite astronomical.

Like … you knew you could spend More than 47 days to mow the lawn During your life? Indeed, depending on the type of lawn mower, the number can actually be as high as 7 days. But still … you really … well, do you want to spend a week of your life mowing rather than doing almost anything else?

The answer is definitely no. And MowRo RM24 Robot Lawn Mower For your groundsman crew, you may not need to think about mowing for another hour or two or more before you finally shuffle this deadly coil for a good day. ..

Like one of the robot vacuums that vacuums around the house and sucks up debris, MowRo is a robot assigned to keep the lawn visible so that it can host PGA Tour events.

Equipped with a powerful 2,900 RPM motor, MowRo scoops up the grass, from a lush, healthy shag 2.5 inches high to a finely trimmed, well-groomed luster of just 1 inch of grass. , Sharpen the blade to the required level. thick.

With this fully autonomous lawn mower, users can set their own lawn mowing schedule, allowing them to mow fresh lawn every weekend, twice a week, or even daily.

The owner lays an unobtrusive, trip-free surrounding wire along the outer edge of the lawn. It acts like an invisible wall that guides MowRo’s mowing path. For safety, the blades are housed in a protective blade guard with a bump sensor that allows pets, children, or grass to pass through when inadvertently walking barefoot while mowing.

The lawn mower glides on a Samsung 4Ah 28-volt lithium-ion rechargeable battery, so users not only avoid the swelling engine smoke of older lawn mowers, but also emit no greenhouse gases in the process. It is also very quiet and does not exceed the discreet 65 dB.

Most often, the unit is inside a docking station and becomes a protective home when it rains, when the battery needs to be recharged, or when the lawn mowing work is complete.

The MowRo RM24 robot mower, which usually costs $ 999, Now it’s $ 150 off, only $ 849.99..

Prices are subject to change. MowRo is an electric lawn mower robot that frees you from home landscaping.

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