Mother accused of murdering husband writes book about grief, refuses bail

Summit County, Utah (KTVX) — After a four-hour hearing, a Utah judge has denied bail to Kouri Richchins, a woman accused of murdering and then murdering her husband. write a children’s book about grief.

During Monday’s hearing, the judge heard from both parties and three witnesses and decided to keep Ms. Litchins in custody without bail during the pretrial period.

Litchins bowed and cried as detectives testified that authorities found her husband dead and “cold to the touch”. Her prosecution argued that her evidence against her was strong enough to deny her bail.

The detention hearing revealed that, amidst a marital quarrel and a fight over the multi-million dollar mansion they eventually purchased as their home, Ms. Richens injected five times the lethal dose of fentanyl into a Moscow Mule cocktail she made for her husband Eric Richnes. It was based on court documents that prosecutors claimed were tampered with. investment.

The prosecution summoned multiple witnesses, including prosecutor investigators. Jeff O’Driscoll, the lead investigator on this case.

O’Driscoll asked questions about the relationship between Koori Richens and “CL,” Koori’s friend and employee who allegedly gave Koori the fentanyl used in the murder of Eric. He told prosecutors that Kouri Littins received the fentanyl pills from CL in early 2022. She allegedly told CL that the pills were meant to help a customer who had injured her back.

Interrogation moved shortly after Eric’s death, with Kohli calling 911, saying Eric was “cold to the touch” and “not breathing”. O’Driscoll said the first responders said Richnes did not perform CPR on her husband, even though she told police that she had performed CPR on her. .

Defendant Kouri Richins appears at detention hearing, prosecution and defense question three witnesses (Scott Lewis/KTVX)

During the recount, Litchins was seen in court with his head bowed and a tissue pressed to his eye.

O’Driscoll also said a “thief’s bag” was found during the search of the Ritchens family, which is an emergency bag containing clothing and state identification for all members of the Ritchens family in case they need to leave the house in a hurry. It is described as a bag for

Kouri Richins appears at a detention hearing with her attorney (Scott Lewis/KTVX)

The prosecution also took Chris Cotrodimos, a former Salt Lake City Police Department and Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office private detective who specializes in digital forensics, to testify. Cotrodimos knows when the phone was locked and unlocked, made calls and sent messages, and how it behaved at the time of Eric Richnes’ death, including GPS data from the Apple Watch. said it was possible.

As a final witness, the prosecution brought in financial forensic investigator Brooke Carrington.

In his testimony before the prosecution, Mr. Carrington said that while Mr. Kouri Richmond’s business had grown significantly, there could have been problems. When asked why, he said it was growing too fast and too strong and he could end up incurring more debt.

Eric’s sister, Amy Richchins, hurts family to see Cori Richchins promote ‘Are You With Me?’ in victim shock statement read in court said it was. And her act she called “betrayal and terror.”

“Since Eric’s death, we’ve learned, and unfortunately have been, constantly reminded that Kouri is desperate, greedy and very manipulative,” she said. Through her statement, Eric’s sister drew a picture of her brother, who did everything he could to ensure that the family was taken care of, she said. She called him a true advocate for people and caring for everyone she met.

“I may be naive, but I didn’t know such evil existed,” she said. “We are saddened to hear that while Kouri is trying to profit from his brother’s death, while trying to profit from a book about his brother’s death, and trying to get life insurance, I’ve seen them march out playing themselves as widows and victims in the dark.”

If this case goes to trial, it will likely revolve around financial and marital disputes as possible motives. In addition to squabbling over real estate, prosecutors allege that Kouri Richchins made significant changes to her family’s inheritance plans during her husband’s lifetime. take out life insurance He launched a policy with benefits totaling nearly $2 million.

Litchins may seek bail, but has only 30 days to appeal.

The court is scheduled to meet again on June 22 to reschedule.

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