More than three-quarters of travelers do not object to using personal data to improve their hotel stay.

A survey of the world’s top hotel revenue makers by SiteMinder also found that hotel websites, phone calls, and emails remain the most popular booking methods.


Travelers in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia do not accept the decline in hotel accommodation standards, despite the challenges facing the hotel industry over the past year. SiteMinder, The world’s largest open hotel commerce platform has been found.On the contrary, SiteMinder Changes to Traveler Report 2021Expectations for three in five Americans and at least one in two travelers from the United Kingdom and Australia are higher than ever, based on survey responses from more than 800 vacationers from around the world. Is shown.

SiteMinder’s research highlights rising expectations among consumers who are in increasing demand for a travel experience after a year of travel interruptions and restrictions. Compared to the pre-pandemic period, 78% of US travelers, 61% of UK travelers and 60% of Australian travelers say they plan to travel more than the same amount. This shows that hotel owners need to remain optimistic. Work smarter not only about your business, but to meet the higher standards currently expected of them.

“The past 18 months have been difficult for accommodation providers, but our findings show that next year’s tourist demand is relentless, allowing hotel guests to lower standards and other average standards. No, “said James, Senior Director of Global Ecosystems at SiteMinder. Bishop. “Unprepared hotels have significant implications, including loss of business, brand discoloration, and the horrifying negative online reviews that hotel owners will need last year after they have endured.”

For accommodation providers, SiteMinder refers to many travelers who support personal data used to improve their stay. Approximately four in five American (80.52%) and Australian (79.23%) travelers, and more than three-quarters (77.59%) of travelers from the United Kingdom have personal data to improve their stay. I do not object to the use of. It provides hotel owners with an open opportunity to meet the new highs of the standards currently expected.

“To maintain pace and reputation, hoteliers continue to look to technologies that provide the ability to better understand guests and personalize communications, including through automation and guest data, to improve service. We need to, “says Bishop. “Importantly, hoteliers need to consider the customer’s end-to-end experience: everything from websites and payment gateways to the check-in process, to guests leaving the building and talking to family and friends. You need to evaluate the touchpoints of. Everything about it. Hotel owners who rely on technology to stay diligent are businesses that will be rewarded during this critical period of recovery. “

Direct bookings continue to grow, but trust remains a challenge

Regarding booking preferences, a SiteMinder survey revealed continued growth in direct bookings. This is the first trend discovered by SiteMinder in a recent survey of the world’s top hotel revenue makers. Consistently across the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, direct booking via hotel website, phone and email remains the most popular booking method, with 11% in the US and 6% in Australia significantly year-over-year. Increased has.

Nonetheless, only 31% of American travelers, 15% of British and 12% of Australians say they “greatly” trust their accommodation provider while paying for their stay. ..

“Today’s hotel owners are increasingly in need to provide a seamless experience online and think comprehensively about the existence of the brand. If the payment part of the booking process feels unsafe, then a compelling hotel It’s not enough to have a website for hotels. Hotel owners need to resolve every conflict, which is an important part of technology that applies hotel online commerce best practices, “says Bishop. ..

Access the report from here. America, England And Australia.. More than three-quarters of travelers do not object to using personal data to improve their hotel stay.

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