Moog’s 3 synth bundle teaches you how to patch in a card game

When Moog debuts SoundStudio bundle Earlier this year, the company combined two analog synths with a mixer, cables, and everything else needed for a starter kit.Of course, these are a bit More advanced users who have been given an investment. The only problem is that you have to make a decision. The bundle contains three mother synthesizers, Mother-32 And DFAM or DFAM and Sub Harmony Con.. These are two combinations available starting at $ 1,399. However, Moog goes one step further with the latest offer. All three mother synths and additional gear $ 1,999..

Like previous bundles, this 3-synth option comes with everything you need to get started. This includes dust covers, audio mixer / power distribution hubs, rack kits, cables, cable organizers, learning materials, and even their adorable cardboard cutouts. As a review, the Mother-32 is a production synthesizer with a step sequencer and 64 slots of memory. It provides a classic Moog voice for raw analog tones combined with the company’s deep bass. The DFAM is a drum synth that meets all your rhythm and percussion needs, while the Subharmonicon is designed for experimentation.


For this three-synth bundle, Moog has created a card game to facilitate collaboration and experimentation. Inspired by the gaming community, home to Asheville, North Carolina Detour connection You can explore analog synthesizers at your own pace. This game will help you discover new sounds and learn patching techniques in the process. According to the company, the “Happy Accident Generator” will be able to be played repeatedly without having to patch the same thing twice. Moog also explains that it can be as fun as playing solo with others.

Moog has released another EP with this new offering, as we did with the first SoundStudio package. Survey of analog synthesizer, Volume II Includes works by Boy Harsher, Hannah Peel, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Galcher Lustwerk, Ya Tseen, Tygapaw and Paula Temple.Also, like the first edition, this collection can also be streamed for free. With SoundCloud..

NS Moog Sound Studio: Mother-32 & DFAM & Sub Harmony Con Bundles are currently shipped from Moog authorized retailers.

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