MongoDB Atlas Update Focuses on Simplifying Developer Tasks

MongoDB introduced new language support on Thursday, making Atlas easier to install. Kubernetes operator and new Kotlin Driver for NoSQL Atlas Database-as-a-Service. All of these are designed to streamline developer tasks, including those related to infrastructure management.

New features were released with: Vector search and stream processing functions for the purpose of supporting the development of Generation AI application.

The company noted that many developers would like to deploy Atlas on AWS using programming languages ​​other than Javascript and Typescript, and to help developers reduce the time required for administration. , said it would add support for C#, Go, Java, and Python. infrastructure.

MongoDB developers typically use Infrastructure as Code (IaC) CloudFormation public registries of public cloud providers, partner solution deployments, and their Cloud Development Kit (CDK).

The company has also added support for Kotlin for developers building server-side applications. Previously, developers could use the MongoDB Realm Kotlin Software Development Kit (SDK) for client-side development, but server-side developers either relied on community-created drivers without official MongoDB support, or used extensive custom The company said it had to write code.

“As a result, developers face lengthy software development cycles to build server-side Kotlin applications on top of MongoDB, and application reliability is at risk without a fully supported MongoDB Kotlin driver. I was exposed to it,” he adds.

Easy way to install the Atlas Kubernetes Operator

MongoDB also provides an easy way to install the Atlas Kubernetes Operator, a tool used by developers to manage their projects and database clusters.

“Developers can now use the MongoDB Atlas Command Line Interface (CLI) to install the MongoDB Atlas Kubernetes Operator to quickly generate security credentials and reduce operational overhead.” The company said, adding that developers will be given the option to import an existing MongoDB. Atlas projects and deployments can be run by him with one command.

According to the company, the update is expected to give developers more agility when working with containers.

The company did not immediately provide information on the availability of the new feature, but said it is open sourcing it. PyMongoArrow library generally available.

According to the company, the library can be used to transform data stored in MongoDB using popular frameworks such as Apache Arrow Tables, Pandas, DataFrames and Numpy Arrays.

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